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Pest Guide for Ants Ants can become a major problem if you do not take care of them as soon as you notice an infestation. Though ants will not cause nearly the same structural damage that can be done by …

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Carpenter Ant

Carpenter Ants

Pest Guide for Carpenter Ants There are more than 12,000 species of ants throughout the world, so it’s not uncommon to run into an ant infestation at least once in your lifetime. One of the most common type of ant …

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Carpenter Bee

Carpenter Bees

Pest Guide for Carpenter Bees When you think of a bee, you probably think of a large, plump black and yellow-colored insect, and what you’re probably thinking of is a bumble bee. Carpenter bees are very similar in looks in …

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Though there are thousands of species of centipedes, the most common is the house centipede. Learn more about their diet, behavior, and methods of prevention and elimination.

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Clover Mite

Clover Mites

Though clover mites are smaller than the head of a pin and feed on plants and shrubbery, they can be found in homes and buildings. Read more about their hiding places, diet, infestations, and more.

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Pest Guide for Earwigs Despite common belief (and their name), earwigs don’t actually burrow into your ear while you’re asleep and they certainly don’t lay eggs in your brain. Instead, earwigs actually are found outside in dark, cool, moist places …

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Pest Guide for Fleas Generally, the smaller the pest, the more difficult it is to detect and eliminate, and fleas are the epitome of this idea. Fleas measure just 1.5mm – 3mm long, making them smaller than the size of …

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Flying Ant

Flying Ants

Pest Guide for Flying Ants While the majority of ants stay grounded and are seen crawling around, there are some that actually have wings and can fly. These flying ants are a small part of their ant colony and are considered the …

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Pest Guide for Gnats Gnats often seem to come out of nowhere and can be tough to get rid of. These pests tend to be found in homes during moist, humid months and sport wings that let them flutter around …

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Ground Hornet

Ground Hornets

Pest Guide for Ground Hornets Ground hornets, also known as cicada killers, are one of the largest species of digger wasps in the U.S. They can be up to two inches in length and have black bodies that feature yellow …

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Pest Guide for Mosquitoes Every year we look forward to the sunshine and warmth of summer, but one thing that comes with summer that’s not so pleasant is mosquitoes. These tiny fly-like insects are not only a nuisance, but they …

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Pest Guide for Roaches Types of Roaches American Cockroaches Asian Cockroaches German Cockroaches If you suspect an infestation of roaches in your home please make sure to contact our pest control services to eliminate them from your property. There are …

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Pest Guide for Silverfish Silverfish are small (about 12mm-19mm long), wingless insects with six legs that got their name from their often bluish-silver color. They’re able to live in most environments, but they thrive in dark, damp areas. That’s why …

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Wold Spider


Pest Guide for Spiders Like ants, spider infestations are common in South Carolina homes. Spiders come in tens of thousands of different species and many bite, so it’s important to get rid of an infestation as soon as you spot …

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Stink Bug

Stink Bugs

Pest Guide for Stink Bugs Stink bugs originated in East Asia and slowly made their way to the United States over the past several years. Now, they’ve become one of the most popular spring and fall pests in the country …

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Pest Guide for Termites Types of Termites If you do find termites on your property it is very important to contact our Columbia, Charleston or Pee Dee area pest control services right away to eliminate them from your property. Just …

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Pest Guide for Ticks Ticks are not only one of the most undetectable pests, but also one of the most dangerous, as they can transmit diseases such as Lyme disease, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, Babesiosis, Tularemia, and Ehrlichiosis. Like fleas, …

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Pest Guide for Wasps Wasps are a wide group of insects with thousands of different species all over the world; some of the most popular wasps in South Carolina are hornets and yellow jackets. While some wasps can get as …

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Yellow jacket

Yellow Jackets

Pest Guide for Yellow Jackets Though sometimes called bees, yellow jackets are actually wasps and are usually characterized by their black and yellow stripes and thinner bodies. While not very big (usually about 12 mm in length), these insects can …

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Pest Guide

Use our pest guide to learn about some of the most common household pests. Click on a pest to learn more.

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