We Offer Both Residential and Commercial Pest Control Services

Pest Control Services

At Ledford’s, we specialize in both residential and commercial pest control services. Whether you have discovered cockroaches in your home or are dealing with a spider outbreak in your office space, the professionals at Ledford’s have the expertise and skills necessary to not only eliminate the problem, but ensure your space stays pest-free.

Residential Pest Control

Your home is your sanctuary, but it may also be the perfect place for some unwanted insects to make themselves welcome. At Ledford’s, we offer a variety of residential pest control and extermination services for some of the most common home pests such as termites, ants, spiders, cockroaches, and silverfish.

Our team understands the importance of your family’s wellbeing, and we’ll work with you to find the right pest control and extermination method that’s safe for you, your children, and your pets. Our technicians know where pests tend to make their homes, so they’ll go right to the source and ensure that the infestation is completely eliminated.

At Ledford’s, we can help identify what type of insects you’re dealing with. Leaving an infestation untreated can lead to massive property damage, especially if you’re dealing with termites. We can help preserve your home’s structural integrity and protect your foundation by ensuring any termites on your property are eliminated.

Commercial Pest Control

When pests appear in a place of business, customers go running. To protect your reputation, commercial pest control services are an absolute must. Termite infestations, roaches, spiders and other common commercial property pests can send your workflow to a screeching halt and compromise your business.

Termites amass in the thousands, quickly destroying thousands of dollars’ worth of property. Patching up holes and cracks in your business establishment won’t eliminate the problem. That’s where Ledford’s comes in. If you suspect that your office has been infiltrated by insects, be it termites or something else, give us a call. We utilize Termidor to treat commercial termite infestations. Termidor is capable of wiping out the largest termite colonies and works as a preventative measure for up to eight years.

If you’re experiencing a pest problem, contact us at Ledford’s today. Our commercial and residential pest control services are designed to treat all problems, big or small, for residents and business owners throughout the Charleston tri-county area.

Protect Your Home or Business with Preventative Pest Control Services

Pest Guide

Use our pest guide to learn about some of the most common household pests. Click on a pest to learn more.

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