We’ll Miss You Jones Family

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Ledford’s Pest Control has been serving home and business owners in Columbia, Charleston, and the surrounding areas in South Carolina for nearly 50 years. We take great pride in protecting our neighbors’ and friends’ properties throughout the community. During our …

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Good News for the Future of Bees

South Carolina pest control

You may not realize it, but bees are an important part of today’s agriculture world. These insects pollinate many of the fruits and vegetables that we eat and they also pollinate many of the foods that animals eat. In addition, the wax and honey that bees make are also highly used. 

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The (Global) Problem with Bark Beetles

At Ledford’s, we always try to keep up with the latest news on pests around the country. Recently, we discovered an interesting article about the spread of bark beetles from the Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies. These pests are causing problems not only in the U.S., but around the world and we thought we’d share.

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A New Type of Fire Ant?

At Ledford’s, our Charleston, Columbia, and Florence pest control experts are always on the look-out for new pests. We came across a myStatesman article recently that describes “crazy ants” – a kind of fire ant that’s causing lots or problems in the South. We thought we’d share.

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