Benefits of Organic Pest Control

Organic Pest Control Benefits

As the leading pest control company in South Carolina, Ledford’s is proud to service Columbia, Charleston, Florence and the surrounding areas. We’re always adopting the latest technologies and pest control solutions for our clients. Organic pest control offers a non-toxic alternative to traditional chemical extermination and prevention. Some home and business owners opt for an organic solution based on the type and size of their current pest infestation. Contact us today for a free estimate.

What is Organic Pest Control?

Organic pest control relies on natural ingredients instead of synthetic chemicals. This method of treatment is non-toxic and environmentally friendly, so you can safely apply treatments without jeopardizing the health of pets and children. No one will have to leave home while treatments are applied, which means less disruption and downtime.

We recommend organic methods as preventative treatment, but it can also work well for minor pest problems. When there is a larger issue, we work with your needs to develop the safest alternative and follow up with more natural solutions.

Why Use Organic Pest Control?

When exploring your options for pest management, it’s important to explore the pros and cons of different methods. The one drawback to our organic solutions is that they are not effective for large-scale infestations. However, for most businesses and homeowners looking for routine prevention and maintenance, natural, organic pest control treatments come with many advantages.

Protect The Environment With Organic Pest Control

Protect the Environment

Organic pest control solutions use fewer pesticides and chemicals. Our preventative strategies use natural, eco-friendly ingredients. This also means we can safely apply preventative treatments outdoors without damaging your plants or garden.

Safe for Pets & Children

Organic pest control treatments are low risk and non-toxic for animals and humans. You can rest assured that your pets and children will be safe regardless of the treatment we recommend. Every consultation starts with identifying your unique risks and needs and developing a personalized strategy. We protect everyone while ensuring you get the results you need.

Effective Pest Control Without Health Risks

Families and business owners can rest assured that the organic pest control solutions Ledford’s offers are safe for everyone. You will not be putting anyone’s health at risk when you choose an organic treatment for your home or commercial property. The plus side is that organic solutions are just as effective, and a skilled technician from our team can develop a personalized prevention plan to ensure pests stay away for good.

No Disruption to Business Operations

Because organic pest control treatments are safe to be around, you do not have to close your doors to customers for treatment to take effect. Preventative maintenance can be performed monthly or on a personalized schedule to ensure your establishment is always clean and pest-free. From restaurants and bars to office buildings and veterinary practices, our organic pest management solutions are reliable and effective.

Reach Out to South Carolina’s Most Trusted Pest Extermination Experts

If you’ve noticed any signs of pests in your home or business it’s important you reach out to the experts at Ledford’s today to find an immediate solution. If you live near Charleston, Columbia, or Florence SC, contact Ledford’s today to request a free estimate.

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