How Much Does a Termite Treatment Cost?

Termite Treatment

Termite Treatment Starts With An Inspection of Your Property

Destructive and persistent, termites are a major threat to both homes and businesses. Capable of destroying the foundation, structures, and personal belongings, it’s crucial to find a reliable exterminator to take care of your termite problem as soon as possible. Ledford’s has helped keep South Carolina homes termite-free since 1975, and we offer expert services along with affordable pricing. You are probably wondering, so how much does a termite treatment cost?

The exact cost of termite treatment will vary depending on the scale of the infestation and the property itself. The type of construction and the size of your home will play a major role in the cost of your termite extermination and treatment. A slab poured into a block foundation is the most expensive type of structure to treat. Monolithic slab homes are generally the least expensive, and crawl space termite infestations are typically somewhere in the middle range of costs.

How Much Does It Cost to Get Rid of Termites?

Before an exterminator can give you a final price, they’ll first have to perform a thorough inspection of your property. Our South Carolina termite inspection does far more than just determine whether or not you even have any pests. We’ll investigate the property to look for any signs of termite infestation and suggest a personalized treatment and prevention plan.

If a property has been drilled and treated up to current state standards at some time in the past, the cost of termite treatment may be less expensive. Termite infestations can be mild to severe, and a trustworthy pest control technician will make sure they’ve determined the full scale of the issue before giving you a cost estimate.

Termite Damage Treatment

South Carolina Termite Inspection and Extermination

Ledford’s specialized termite treatment program involves a professional inspection and a termite warranty to ensure your home or business remains pest-free. Our Charleston, Columbia and Florence, South Carolina subterranean termite extermination services are all accompanied by a termite warranty that includes an annual inspection and booster treatments as deemed necessary. If a booster treatment needs to be completed, there is no additional charge for the service. The full cost of extermination will be covered by us if the termites ever return.

Every home and business owner should have termite coverage to protect their property and bring them peace of mind. You can rest assured that with a dependable warranty from a company like Ledford’s, you’ll never have to worry about how the problem will be resolved.

Ledford’s Preventative Termite Treatment

In addition to inspection and exterminations, we also offer preventative measures to ensure all of our clients’ properties are equipped to ward off termites and other pests. We will inspect your home or business, then provide you with suggestions to help keep pests away. To learn more about our termite control services, contact Ledford’s today. We’re happy to answer any of your questions and schedule an appointment for you to meet with one of our professional exterminators.

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