Professional Termite Exterminator in Charleston, SC

Professional Termite Exterminator in Charleston

Have you just experienced a moment all home and business owners dread? Did you discover that there is a termite infestation at your property? If you’re looking for a professional termite exterminator team you can count on in Charleston, SC, look no further than Ledford’s Pest Control. We are the most trusted pest control company in the area and there’s a reason our customers continue to recommend us to their friends, family, and business associates. Contact us today for a free estimate and we’ll make sure your property is safe once again.

How To Exterminate Termites

Ledford’s team of termite exterminators use a three pronged approach when treating your property. These three steps ensure that we eliminate all traces of termites and protect your home or business for years to come.

Step 1: Termite Inspection

During a termite inspection we start from the ground up. We look for any sign of subterranean termites on your property to determine the best treatment method. The termite exterminator that visits your property will be looking for things such as damaged wood, live termites, mud tubes, swarmers, and frass. We will be closely inspecting your home’s exterior including mulch or wood piles, fences, and cracks in the walls along with the interior including your attic and basement or crawl space. During this part of the termite extermination process we’ll put together an action plan to eliminate the pests and ensure they’re gone for good.

Step 2: Termite Extermination

We’re proud to be a Termidor certified company. These liquid treatments are safe for indoor and outdoor use and provide a protective barrier around your property. This type of termite treatment not only offers immediate protection but also safeguards against future termite infestation. This termite treatment is very effective and often recommended to home and business owners in Charleston Tri County area, Columbia, and the Florence Sumter area, SC.

Step 3: Prevention

Once we’ve exterminated all of the termites at your property and you have taken care of any damage that needed to be fixed we will put a prevention plan in place to ensure you never have an issue again. We offer two types of termite warranties including retreatment and damage.

A retreatment termite warranty from Ledford’s covers a termite inspection and treatment as needed. A damage termite warranty covers an annual inspection and treatment as needed along with repairing any wood that has been damaged by termites per your damage warranty. Homeowner’s insurance policies don’t cover termite damage, so this warranty will ensure you remain protected.

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Common Termites in Charleston, SC

Unfortunately, there are quite a few different varieties of termites that are native to Charleston, SC and the surrounding areas. Luckily the termite exterminator team at Ledford’s can eliminate and prevent all three!

The Eastern subterranean termite is the most common type found throughout North America and is responsible for over 75% of all of the money spent annually on termite control services in the United States. They live underground and are highly destructive. If you think you may have a subterranean termite infestation, contact the termite exterminator team at Ledford’s immediately for help. They can cause a significant amount of damage very quickly if left untreated.

Formosan subterranean termites are some of the most destructive termites worldwide. They are prevalent in the Charleston Low Country area. They behave very aggressively and have large colonies which means prompt treatment will be necessary by our termite exterminator team in order to ensure your property is safe and structurally sound. They commonly swarm between May and June and that is when infestations are most likely to occur.

Unlike Formosan and Eastern subterranean termites, drywood termites live in the wood that they eat. Contrary to their name they can infest both soft and hardwoods. Because of their small stature, they can infiltrate smaller spaces such as cabinets, headboards, furniture, and even picture frames. They also occasionally feed on cardboard or paper. If you have a localized infestation of drywood termites, Ledford’s can help. However if the infestation is scattered around the house it typically requires fumigation in order to control.

Get Help From a Professional Termite Exterminator

If you’ve seen mud tubes, evidence of swarmers, or live termites at your residential or commercial property, don’t hesitate to reach out to the termite exterminator team at Ledford’s. We’re standing by ready to provide a thorough inspection and ensure your home or business remains safe for years to come. Request an appointment today to get started.

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