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Spider Pest Control

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Spiders are some of the most common pests in South Carolina during the winter. Whether they arrive through a guest’s bag or crawl in from the neighboring woods, spiders hide in hard-to-reach areas like attics and even behind walls. If you’ve noticed these pests in your home, contact Ledford’s Pest Control today for fast and reliable spider pest control services.

Why You Need Spider Pest Control

When spiders make their way indoors during the winter months, they can easily multiply quickly. Did you know female spiders will produce over 1,600 eggs in her lifetime, which is approximately one to three years? Given the rate at which they grow, a few spiders can morph into a massive infestation in a matter of months. Early detection will catch the source of house spiders’ nests, allowing our pest control experts to make sure that the entire colony is eliminated.

Black Widow Spider

There are several types of spiders which are common in South Carolina, including the poisonous brown and black widow. Acting now and ensuring that you have the right preventative services will protect your home and keep your family safe all year long.

How Spiders Enter Your Home

Typically, spiders crawl in from the outdoors. Homes with any types of cracks or openings in the exterior are more likely to attract these pests. Since spiders are able to scale large heights, they can even make their way indoors through a second-story window or the roof. Additionally, spiders can enter homes through air vents, plumbing and any other connection from your home to the outside world. While most spiders are harmless, their presence in any residence is unwelcome.

Spiders naturally produce an antifreeze on their body that protects them from the cold, which means they don’t only come inside during the winter for warmth. If you’re noticing spiders appearing in your house, chances are that they’ve been there for some time. Winter happens to be the period when indoor spiders are more active as it’s their mating season.

Spider Pest Control in South Carolina

Do-it-yourself spider pest control methods typically provide temporary solutions. To get rid of spiders and keep them out of your home for good, you’ll need a professional pest control company like Ledford’s to get the job done.

Our specialists are skilled at every type of pest control and extermination practice. We also provide maintenance tips to all of our clients, ensuring that they know how to keep their homes pest-free long after we’re finished.

Contact the pest control professionals at Ledford’s today to schedule your next service call.

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