What to Do If You Find a Beehive on Your Property?

Beehive on Property

There are few things that can be more frightening than finding a wild beehive on property near your home. People are afraid of bees for a good reason; stings hurt. For those with allergies, a bee sting could lead to severe complications. Removing that beehive becomes your top priority.

Use the following steps to have a beehive on property near your home removed safely.

Identify The Bees

If it is possible, take a picture of one of the bees so that they can be identified. Why is this important? Because there are different ways to manage wild honey bees and regular beehives. If the bees are identified as honey bees, it will be more beneficial to call a professional beekeeper to come and remove the hive. These bees are crucial to the ecosystem, and the loss of honey bees by any means can harm the environment. A beekeeper can safely remove these bees and relocate them. If they are regular bees, you will need to call a professional exterminator like Ledford’s Pest Control to have the wild beehive removed.

Contact An Exterminator That Has Experience With Bees

Unlike other insects, bees can be very dangerous to remove because hives can contain thousands of bees. If the beehive on property near your home has been formed in the walls of your home, garage, or shed, the number could be even higher. A professional exterminator will be able to stun the bees, access the honeycomb, and remove all of the bees from the area.

Prevent New Beehives From Forming On Your Property

Once your pest control company has removed the bees and the beehive on the property, you will need to make the necessary repairs to the area to prevent new bees from coming and trying to form a new hive. Look for any small openings that a bee can enter. Bees are very small, and it does not take much space for them to get in an area—seal cracks, holes, and other areas where bees may be able to return. Bees can smell where a previous hive has been, even after a professional removal. New bees that detect the smell of a previous hive will build a new one in the same spot because they think it is safe. This is why it is critical to seal up the area once the removal is complete.

Speak With Pest Control Specialists

If you have found bees on your property, the best thing to do is contact a professional pest control service to come out and assess the situation. Give Ledford’s Pest Control a call or contact us today for help with a bee infestation. We work with homeowners and commercial properties. Our staff is experienced and equipped to help safely remove any type of bee or beehive from your property or home.

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