Why Is DIY Pest Control a Bad Idea?

Why is DIY Pest Control Bad?

There are lots of do-it-yourself solutions for pest control, but how effective are they? In truth, most DIY pest control only provides temporary relief. Do-it-yourself pest control options tend to focus on eliminating pests in your immediate vicinity. Unfortunately, they don’t solve the root of the problem, which is the most important factor when it comes to preventing pests from returning.

When it comes to pest control, professional services are always the best call. At Ledford’s, we specialize in a wide range of eco-friendly pest control services for both insects and rodents. We’re proud to be the most trusted pest control and extermination company in Charleston, Columbia, and the surrounding areas in South Carolina. Contact us today for an estimate and to safeguard your residential or commercial property!

Don’t Waste Time and Money

You might have already tried a DIY pest control solution that didn’t fix your issue. Bugs or rodents may be gone for a few days or even a few weeks, but they return with vengeance. Rather than spend money and risk exposing yourself to harmful chemicals, the professionals at Ledford’s can provide thorough and safe solutions. We aim to make all of our pest control services accessible and affordable to homeowners and businesses throughout South Carolina. Rather than compromise your comfort and budget with quick fixes, invest in a professional plan that delivers permanent results.

Surface Treatments Are Not Effective

DIY pest control focuses on topical solutions that don’t address the root of the issue. This leads to fleeting success that only leaves you more frustrated and uncomfortable. Surface-level pest control can tackle pests that are visible, but it does not help deter any future bugs or rodents from taking up residence on your property.

You Can’t Find a Catchall DIY Pest Control Treatment at the Store

Every pest, even subtypes of the same species, responds differently to various treatments. One-size-fits-all pest control only relies on toxic chemicals to kill anything it comes in contact with. This also poses a large risk to pets who may come in contact with store-bought products. A true professional knows the best treatment for any pest, and they give you custom solutions that last. For help from the experts at Ledford’s, give us a call at now!

Benefits of Professional Pest Control Services

Working with a professional pest control like Ledford’s brings peace of mind and helps keep you and your family safe. You also get 100% personalized treatment, backed by leading industry tools and state-of-the-art technology.

Professional pest control also has a two-fold approach to treatment: elimination and prevention. We exterminate any pests which are currently infesting your property, and we make sure they don’t come back. Ledford’s also aims to make prevention an ongoing process that’s easy to access. You can hire us for a one-time need or set up monthly, quarterly or seasonal pest control plans you can count on.

Trust Ledford’s Pest Control to Protect Your Property

Since 1975, Ledford’s has been proud to serve businesses and homes throughout South Carolina. With nearly 50 years of experience, we provide proven results with the best tools and technology. If you need pest control services fast, please call us or fill out this form to get an estimate. We are always available to discuss our services and give custom solutions for your pest control needs.

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