When Formosan Termites Swarm

It’s June, which means that in South Carolina, you’re likely to discover a swarm of Formosan termites. Swarming is when termite colonies release their fully grown and healthy termites to fly away and spread out in order to reproduce. This occurs several times a year, but is most common in the late spring/early summer months.

Winged Formosan termites (also known as Alates) begin swarming by the end of March and continue to swarm through June. These groups tend to travel right after rainy or damp weather and usually travel in the evening hours.

If you see a termite swarm, it may look like they’re filling up the sky, and you’ll probably see them around streetlights and other sources of light. Swarming groups are often pretty large – some even reaching up to several thousands of termites.

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If you find just a few Formosan termites in one location, there’s no need to worry, but if you find hundreds of Formosan termites in one location, contact our Charleston pest control experts right away. Even though termites swarm to reproduce and not to damage your home, they can rapidly expand into a very large colony.  We can help prevent termites from attacking your home.

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