How Do I Know If I Have Bed Bugs?

How Do I Know if I have Bed Bugs

No one wants to believe they can be the victim of bed bugs, but it can happen to anyone. Even if you keep your home squeaky clean, you can bring bed bugs into your home from hotels or in used furniture. It’s important to know the signs of a bed bug infestation so you can take action as soon as possible. How do I know if I have bed bugs? Here’s how to tell if your bedroom has become a pest oasis. If you live in the Columbia, South Carolina area, Ledford’s can help you get rid of your bed bug problem.

What Are the Signs that Bed Bugs Are Around?

You should inspect your bed, headboard, nightstand, walls, and carpet for visible signs of bed bugs. In commercial spaces, carpets, sofas, and office chairs are common bed bug hiding places. You can often spot the signs of an infestation with a quick visual inspection. If you notice any of these signs, you need to call a pest control specialist right away to confirm and treat the infestation. Adult bed bugs are usually visible to the naked eye, so if you see them, you shouldn’t wait one second to call an exterminator.

• You Have Bite Marks

If you wake up with itchy spots on your skin, you are most likely dealing with a bed bug infestation. You may also notice blood spots on your sheets. Clusters or zig-zag lines of welts are typical presentations for bed bug bites. Your doctor can confirm the cause of the welts and recommend the best treatment.

• Bug Pieces and Droppings

Even if you don’t see any live bugs, they may leave behind a trail of evidence indicative of their presence. If you see shell pieces, eggs, or fecal droppings, these are signs of an active infestation. It’s unsanitary and harmful to your health to sleep near pest remnants, so don’t wait to get help from an exterminator.

• Your Mattress Smells Bad

If your bedroom smells musty, you may be smelling bed bug pheromones. You should inspect your bed for pests if you notice a funky smell. In most cases, a stronger smell indicates a more severe infestation.

Contact Ledford’s Pest Control Immediately

When it comes to a bed bug infestation, you shouldn’t hesitate to contain and remove the bugs. These pests are harmful to your health, and you deserve to sleep in a safe, clean environment every night. If you think you are dealing with a bed bug infestation, Ledford’s Pest Control is here to help. We proudly provide professional pest extermination services in Columbia, South Carolina. If you aren’t sure whether your home is infested, contact us today for an appointment.

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