How Much Damage do Termites Cause?

How Much Damage do Termites Cause

Ledford’s is a leading pest control company that has been helping home and business owners in South Carolina protect their properties from termites for nearly 50 years. Many property owners in the region are aware of the potential for a termite infestation but don’t appreciate just how substantial the damage can be, while often thinking of it as a problem that only happens to other people and not them. How much damage do termites cause? Let’s have a closer look at the impact termites have.

Damage Across the U.S.

When customers ask us “How much damage do termites cause?”, they’re often surprised at just how substantial it is. Homeowners alone in the U.S. spend 5 billion dollars each year eliminating infestations and repairing termite damage. That number is even higher when you factor in commercial properties, and has been as high as 30 billion dollars some years. Most termite species consume twice their body weight in wood every day, and the average termite colony can devour a pound of wood a day. It comes as no surprise then that the average homeowner pays around $3,000 to repair termite damage.

Structural Termite Damage

A termite colony can do substantial damage in a very short period, which is why prevention and early detection are so important. But most infestations aren’t caught quickly, unfortunately. It can take months and even years before the structural damage is so severe that it is obviously not normal wear and tear. The rate of destruction will also vary based on the:

  • Breed and size of the termites
  • Sheer size of the colony
  • Amount of water available to the colony

Other Termite Damage

When considering the question, “How much damage do termites cause?”, it’s important to recognize that the damage can and often does extend beyond the structure of the home or commercial building. One of the reasons termite damage often goes unnoticed is that it can look like water damage in the case of paint and wallpaper that bubbles and blisters. Frass can look like stains and other discolorations, and damage to windows and doors can make it seem like they are just aging.

Preventing Termites from Causing Damage

An annual termite inspection is recommended in South Carolina due to the moderate to heavy risk of infestation. Another benefit of an inspection is that our professionals can point out issues, such as stacked wood too close to a home, that can make you more prone to an infestation. Termite treatment is also recommended, but you usually only have to re-treat your property every five years or so. If your property is particularly prone to termites, you may also want to consider re-treatment and damage warranties.

Ledford’s Is Here to Help

Ledford’s has helped many area homeowners and businesses keep their properties termite free, and we can help you too. Contact us today to schedule an appointment or with any additional questions about the inquiry “how much damage do termites cause?”.

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