Mosquitoes, Fleas, and Spiders

In South Carolina, many residents are all too familiar with pests like mosquitoes, fleas, and spiders. Here are some interesting tidbits about each bug:


Mosquitoes are one of the most popular summer pests in the South and you’ll find them all over South Carolina like in Charleston, Columbia, Sumter, Florence, Clarendon County, and other parts.

If you live near stagnant water like a pond or birdbath, you may notice more mosquitoes in the area – that’s because stagnant water is one of the most popular breeding places for mosquitoes. They can develop from an egg to an adult in as little as 2 weeks, which means their populations can grow in a hurry.

Because mosquitoes are found mainly outside, we know that they can quickly put a damper on outdoor events like reunions, weddings, parties, and more. That’s why we offer our Lexington pest control services for these occasions. Our services are also available in the Charleston tri-county areas. We can make sure you have a great time without these pests.

Did you know?

When it comes to feeding on blood, most people don’t know that it’s the female mosquitoes that feed on blood. The males feed on plant nectar.


Fleas are also a popular pest in Charleston, Columbia, Sumter, Florence, and Clarendon County. They’re found outside, but can easily make their way inside and begin infesting your home.

Many times fleas transferred indoors by pets and other small animals like squirrels, possums, and even raccoons. They can jump up to 7 inches vertically and up to 13 inches horizontally, which means they can easily latch onto animals and invade your home or office.

Once they’re inside, they can be difficult to get rid of. Female fleas lay eggs in batches of up to 20, and the eggs only take two to 14 days to hatch, so if you find you have an infestation, contact our Lexington pest control experts immediately.


There are about 3,000 different species of spiders that can be found in North America. One of the most dangerous is the black widow spider, which can be identified by the famous red “hourglass” marking on its abdomen. Though the spiders aren’t aggressive, when they bite a human they can cause muscle aches, nausea, difficulty breathing, and more.

You may also find brown widow spiders in South Carolina. They are grey or brown with white and black markings on their surface and have the same “hourglass” marking as the black widow, but in yellow or orange. Even though they’re a cousin of the black widow, their venom isn’t as toxic. Many people bitten by the spider experience a small pain and red color where the bite is.

You can find these, along with many other spiders in the Charleston, Columbia, Sumter, Florence, Clarendon County, and other areas of South Carolina. Spiders can multiply quickly due to the fact that females lay egg sacs of up to 3,000 eggs. If you have a spider infestation, don’t hesitate to call our Lexington pest control location.

Did you know?

Many believe brown recluse spiders are found in South Carolina, but in reality, they’re not very popular in the area.

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