When Are the Cicadas Coming in 2024?

Cicadas 2024

Every few years, like clockwork, we get to experience one of nature’s most fascinating events, which is the emergence of cicadas. These noisy, winged insects have a unique life cycle, staying underground for years before emerging in masses to fill the air with their characteristic buzz. For those wondering, “When are the cicadas coming in 2024?”, our experts at Ledford’s have all the answers you’re looking for.

What Are Cicadas?

Before we dive into the timing, let’s talk a bit about what cicadas are. Cicadas are insects known for their distinctive sound and periodic emergence. There are two main types of cicadas, those being annual cicadas, which appear every year, and periodical cicadas, which emerge every 13 or 17 years, depending on the species. The periodical cicadas are the ones that grab headlines due to their long underground development and synchronized mass emergence.

When Will the Cicadas Emerge in 2024?

Cicadas typically start to emerge when the soil temperature reaches about 64 degrees Fahrenheit, usually in late April or early May. So, mark your calendars for late spring to early summer 2024, as this is when you’re likely to start seeing and hearing these incredible insects. This year is special, as both the 13-year and the 17-year cicadas will surface, arriving in numbers not seen in generations.

What to Expect

When cicadas emerge, they come out in droves. You’ll notice them on trees, bushes, and other vegetation. They shed their nymph exoskeletons and become adults, filling the air with their distinctive mating calls. Cicadas can be quite noisy, especially during the peak of their activity.

While cicadas themselves aren’t harmful to humans, pets, or most plants, their sheer numbers can be overwhelming. If you have a lot of young trees or shrubs, the cicadas’ egg-laying habits might cause some damage. Additionally, their presence can attract other pests and create quite a mess with their exoskeletons and deceased bodies.

Ledford’s Can Help Manage the Cicada Invasion

While cicadas are a natural phenomenon and don’t pose a significant threat, their overwhelming numbers can be a nuisance. This is where professional pest control services come in handy. If you’re concerned about the potential impact of cicadas on your property, or if their presence attracts other pests, it’s wise to contact experts who can help manage the situation. For top-notch pest control services, look no further than Ledford’s. With our expertise and experience, our experts can help you navigate the cicada season with ease. If you have an insect issue on your property, reach out to the professionals at Ledford’s for all your pest control needs.

Reach Out to the Professionals at Ledford’s Today

The cicada emergence in 2024 promises to be a spectacular natural event. While these insects are fascinating, their numbers can be overwhelming. By understanding when they’re coming and preparing accordingly, you can enjoy this unique phenomenon without too much hassle. And remember, for any pest control concerns, the team at Ledford’s is just a call away. Prepare for the buzz and make sure your property is protected. Contact us online today for expert pest control services or if you still are wondering, “When are the cicadas coming in 2024?”.

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