Don’t Let Pests Ruin Your Holiday Cheer

Outdoor/Storage Pests

Now that Thanksgiving is over, it’s time to look for the perfect Christmas tree and break out the seasonal decorations from the attic. Before you go stringing things up around the house, however, be careful – spiders, roaches, rodents and other pests may be hiding amidst your holiday items if they haven’t been properly stored. And once the tree is brought inside and the decorations are unpacked, these pests can find new places in your home to infest.

To keep unwanted pests from ruining your holiday, follow these simple tips from our Lexington pest control experts:

1. Inspect living decorations like your tree, garlands, or wreaths before you bring them indoors. Also give them a good shake to shake out any pests that may be nestled inside.
2. Get rid of old cardboard boxes and old wrapping paper from your storage area.
3. Store seasonal decorations in airtight containers and keep them in a dry environment. Make sure the lids are sealed to keep silverfish and other small pests from entering.
4. Store items made from silk or wool in zip-lock bags.

Pantry Pests

The holidays are also a great time for cooking and baking, but they may bring unwanted pests into your pantry (such as meal moths, grain beetles, and ants). These pests will make themselves at home in your flour, sugar, dried fruit, cereal, and more. To prevent these pantry pests:

1. Keep your cabinets, pantries, and countertops clean and free of crumbs.
2. Store all food in plastic or glass containers with sealed lids.
3. Examine pantry items before using them and throw out any expired ingredients.
4. Throw out any items that haven’t been used in the past year.

If you do find pests this season, contact our Lexington pest control company and we’ll make sure they don’t ruin your holiday cheer.

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