How to Spring Clean While Preventing Pests

Spring Cleaning

Spring is here and our Columbia pest control company is betting that next on your to-do list is your annual spring cleaning. We love a good spring cleaning, but what we love more is using the opportunity to prevent spring and summer pests. Here are some tips for your home:

Entry Points

As you’re vacuuming and dusting, pay close attention to your floors and walls. Pests don’t need much entry space to get into your home – just a small crack or hole, so as you clean, note any cracks or holes in your home. After you’re done cleaning, seal them up with some caulk so that future pests can’t use them.

Kitchen Crumbs

While you may regularly sweep and mop your kitchen floors, you probably forget about the areas underneath your stove and your fridge. These areas are perfect for trapping crumbs, and unfortunately, pests love crumbs. This year, pull out your fridge and the drawer underneath your stove and give the floors a good cleaning. Another place that probably has crumbs (that you didn’t think of)? The holes in your knife block. Use a vacuum attachment to suck up anything that has fallen in.


This spring, don’t forget about your cabinets – especially the ones over the stove. Throughout the year, they’ve probably collected grease and grime from all of your cooking, so make sure you give them a thorough wipe-down. Try using a citrus-based cleaner or a magic eraser. They’ll not only look great, but you won’t have to worry about pests enjoying the leftover, caked-on food.


Bugs like spiders and roaches love the dark, and a cluttered house is the perfect spot for them. Clear away as much clutter as you can and clean behind or under anything that casts a dark shadow, such as dressers, couches, entertainment units, beds, and more.

Pantry Purge

Chances are there are things in your pantry that are way past their expiration date or things that you simply won’t use, so include your pantry in your spring cleaning. Grain beetles and meal moths love open containers of cereal, flour, dried fruit, nuts, rice, and more, so check all of your containers and throw out anything you don’t use. After that, make sure all of your containers are tightly sealed to prevent an infestation.


Have you ever had drain flies (sometimes called sewer flies) in your kitchen or bathroom? There’s an easy way to get rid of them and keep your drains clean. If the flies are coming from your bathroom, use a drain snake to remove any hair that’s trapped in the drain. Then, use a drain cleaner to thoroughly clean the pipes. After that, run the water and use a plunger to get rid of any remaining organic matter in the drain. Once you’re done, clean your drains once a month by pouring 1/2 cup salt, 1/2 cup baking soda, and 1 cup vinegar down them and flushing it out with hot water.

Tree Trimming

If your spring cleaning includes landscape maintenance, make sure your trees, shrubs, bushes, and other plants are at least three feet away from your home. Many pests are attracted to foliage and if it’s close to your home, it gives them an easier way to enter. Make sure to do the same with mulch, as it can attract termites.

If you find during your spring cleaning that you have a pest infestation, call our Columbia pest control experts immediately. We’ll come assess your situation and take care of it as soon as possible.

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