How Do Our Termite Treatments Work?

termite treatment

Termites are one of the most frustrating pests anyone can have in their home or business – not only because they’re virtually undetectable, but they’re also hard to get rid of. At Ledford’s, we choose only the best for our termite treatments, and here’s how they work:

Subterranean Termites

Subterranean termites are the most popular type of termite to invade homes and businesses, which means you usually need a powerful treatment to get rid of an infestation. Because subterranean termites live in colonies under the ground and not in wood itself, they dig tunnels that lead to your home or building. Once they get there, they’ll have a regular food source that they can access. This means that it’s not enough to just treat the wood – you have to treat their living area as well.

At Ledford’s, we turn to Termidor to treat South Carolina’s subterranean termites. Our Columbia pest control experts will apply this liquid treatment to the foundation of your home or building so that when your termites come to feed, they’ll quickly encounter it. Termidor’s treatment is made to be virtually odor free and undetectable to termites, which means they can’t avoid it like regular insecticides or repellents.

Once they come into contact with it, it will stick to them and as they travel back through their tunnels, the treatment will bind to the soil and create an entire treatment zone. As other termites move through the tunnels (and brush up against each other), they’ll also come into contact with the treatment and it will spread throughout the colony quickly. This means your infestation will be taken care of in a few short weeks.

Drywood Termites

Because drywood termites are different than subterranean termites, they require a different kind of termite treatment. Unlike subterranean termites that live in the ground, drywood termites actually live in the wood that they feed on. This means when we treat the wood, we immediately treat the termites, too.

At Ledford’s, we trust a termite treatment from Nisus called Bora-Care. Made with borate salt, this treatment is applied by our Columbia pest control experts directly to the affected wood. It forms a coating on the wood that not only protects it from moisture and from further termite damage, but it also becomes part of the termites’ food. As the termites eat the wood, they also ingest the Bora-Care, which acts as a slow poison. One by one, the termites will be eliminated and your infestation will either be eradicated or vacated.

Don’t settle for mid-grade insecticides or repellents – let our experts take care of your termites with high-quality treatments that will eliminate your problem once and for all. Give us a call today to make an appointment.

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