Can Mosquitoes Transfer Bacteria to Humans?

Mosquitoes Transferring Bacteria

Mosquitoes are known for being carriers of many different diseases such as malaria, dengue fever, and the Zika virus. Many people also wonder, “can mosquitos transfer bacteria to humans?” The answer is yes, they can. How Can Mosquitoes Transmit Bacteria …

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Why Is DIY Pest Control a Bad Idea?

Why is DIY Pest Control Bad?

There are lots of do-it-yourself solutions for pest control, but how effective are they? In truth, most DIY pest control only provides temporary relief. Do-it-yourself pest control options tend to focus on eliminating pests in your immediate vicinity. Unfortunately, they …

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Benefits of Organic Pest Control

Organic Pest Control Benefits

As the leading pest control company in South Carolina, Ledford’s is proud to service Columbia, Charleston, Florence and the surrounding areas. We’re always adopting the latest technologies and pest control solutions for our clients. Organic pest control offers a non-toxic …

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Protect Your Home or Business with Preventative Pest Control Services

Pest Guide

Use our pest guide to learn about some of the most common household pests. Click on a pest to learn more.

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