Commercial Pest Control

Pest Management for a Normal Work Life

While pest infestations are a common occurrence in homes, many people forget about the fact that they can also be present in office and commercial buildings. That’s why at Ledford’s, we offer trusted commercial pest control services to our customers.

Commercial Pest Control Services

We know that having an infestation at work can be disruptive not only for you, but also for the people who work with you; it’s not only distracting, it can also be dangerous. If you believe you have an infestation at your business, contact our commercial pest control and termite control experts as soon as possible. We’ll inspect your building and your area to determine if you have one and the severity of it. Then, we’ll review your options and get to work right away on a solution so you can return to work with peace of mind.

Why You Should Invest in Commercial Pest Control

A wide variety of pests are prevalent in South Carolina and can do significant damage to your property in a very short period of time. Pest infestations can also interfere with your business operations and thus directly and negatively affect your bottom line, and there are serious health risks to consider for your customers, employees, and vendors. When you choose commercial pest control through Ledford’s, you have the peace of mind that your business is protected from all of these potential outcomes.

Ledford’s takes a targeted approach to commercial pest control. There is no one-size-fits-all solution, and we’ll personalize your treatments based on the unique requirements of your industry and your particular location. Think of pest control not as an additional expense but as an investment that is going to save you money and time over the long term. Prevention is always cheaper than extermination and remediation, and a pest-free business is going to keep your customers and employees happy.

Commercial Industries Served

At Ledford’s Pest Control, we offer our effective termite and pest control services to homeowners all over eastern and southeastern South Carolina. However, we also service a wide variety of local businesses as well. Whether it’s a large commercial building or a small mom-and-pop shop, our Florence, Columbia, and Charleston pest control company can take care of virtually any pest situation in a variety of industries, including:

We know how frustrating a pest infestation can be, which is why we work quickly to get rid of them. Once the experts from our Florence, Columbia, or Charleston pest control services inspect your building, we’ll determine a solution to your problem and implement it as soon as possible. Whether you’re dealing with termites, ants, spiders, cockroaches, or another common pest, we have the knowledge and equipment needed to target and eliminate your infestation.

At Ledford’s, we handle a wide variety of pests, including:


Commercial Termite ControlTermites are often hard to detect, and while you’re hard at work, these pests may be eating away at the wood that holds together your building. We won’t let that happen.


Commercial Ant ControlWhether your workplace has fire ants, carpenter ants, sugar ants, or pavement ants, our commercial pest control company can make sure they’re gone once and for all.


Commercial Spider ControlSpiders are a common type of infestation in commercial spaces and with thousands of different species on the loose, your spider outbreak is best left to our professionals.


Commercial Cockroach ControlMany buildings boast ideal living conditions for cockroaches – they’re warm, contain food and water, and offer a place to rest. If you have a roach problem, we’ll handle it.


Commercial Flea ControlAlthough fleas are commonly found on pets, these tiny pests can also affect humans. If you believe you have a flea issue, contact our commercial pest control company.

And more!

Commercial ServicesAt Ledford’s, we can address a wide variety of pest infestations and make sure they’re eliminated from your building. View the other pests we commonly find in the workplace.

Monthly Maintenance Plans

Some businesses in South Carolina, such as restaurants and groceries, are at greater risk of pest intrusion, and for these locations, we recommend monthly treatments. If you own a business that requires commercial pest control on a routine basis, you can take advantage of Ledford’s trusted maintenance plans. Each maintenance plan is tailored to the particular commercial client and helps them save money while also enjoying the confidence that comes with a monthly pest inspection and treatment.

Ledford’s Is the Right Choice for Your Business

You can count on Ledford’s for commercial pest control because we’re an established and trusted company that has provided these services throughout Charleston, Columbia, and Florence for nearly 50 years. Our pest control specialists are licensed and highly experienced professionals who will help you protect your business, and our approach to customer service and care has earned BBB accreditation with an A+ rating and many positive testimonials online.

Commercial Organic Pest Control

Some of the commercial locations where we provide our pest control services aren’t suitable for the standard treatments we use, and for those clients, we have organic commercial pest control solutions available. Ledford’s offers commercial treatments that are cost-efficient and highly effective while being completely natural and environmentally friendly. Our team develops effective organic treatments for schools, veterinarian’s offices, and many similar locations.

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Residential Pest Control

Commercial pest control isn’t all that we do here at Ledford’s. We also provide a full range of pest control services to homeowners throughout the region, and as we do with our business clients, we tailor those inspections and treatments to the unique requirements of those particular properties. Ledford’s also offers maintenance plans that can help you save money while ensuring that your home is pest free throughout the year.

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Your job is important; don’t let pests put a halt to your productive workday. Give us a call or contact us today if you’re experiencing a problem with pests. We’ll have our commercial pest control service experts address the situation quickly and eliminate them in no time.

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