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Home Pest Inspection

Since 1975, Ledford’s has helped homeowners throughout Charleston, Columbia, Florence, and the surrounding areas of South Carolina keep their homes pest free. We’re a family-owned and -operated company that’s established, trusted, and licensed. We advise all homeowners in our service area to schedule a home pest inspection at least once a year, and Ledford’s will carry out a comprehensive inspection, provide you with a status report, answer any questions that you may have, and give you professional guidance regarding treatments and other preventative measures.

We Choose the Experts at Ledford’s?

Hire Ledford’s for your home pest inspection because our company has nearly 50 years of experience helping homeowners in South Carolina eliminate pest infestations and remain pest free. We’re an award-winning company, and our approach to customer service is reflected in our BBB accreditation with an A+ rating. Maintaining a pest-free home requires a personalized approach, and we pride ourselves on customizing our services and the professional guidance we provide to every client and their unique homes. As a Ledford’s customer, you’ll enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your home is protected against termites, cockroaches, fleas, ants, and much more.

Ledford’s Pest Control Process

Ledford’s specializes in pest prevention, and our mission is to keep your home pest free. That begins with a thorough home pest inspection, and our inspector will not only examine your home and property for signs of an infestation but identify the problem areas that make you prone to one. Our inspector will recommend a preventative pest control plan customized to your particular home and property. We’ll employ treatments that are safe and will keep your home free of termites, roaches, fleas, mosquitos, carpenter bees, and much more. In the event you have an infestation, our team will eliminate it quickly and thoroughly, and we’ll carry out any necessary measures to ensure that the infestation never happens again.

Ledford's Pest Control Services

Preventative Pest Control Plans

Ledford’s recommends seasonal pest control for homeowners in South Carolina. We’ll provide you with a home pest inspection at the start of autumn and spring, for instance, that provides you the peace of mind that your home is free of pests and prepared for the coming peak periods of the year. We’ll also carry out customized treatments that are appropriate to the season. This is particularly important for spring and summer when mosquito, fly, and carpenter bee presences are heightened, but termites and bed bugs are a year-round pest, and rodent and cockroach problems tend to peak in autumn and winter.

We Handle a Wide Variety of Pests

Ledford’s has extensive experience with all of the pests common to South Carolina and even those that are not but are common to North America. We’ll identify any infestations during a home pest inspection, and we have safe and effective treatments that prevent and eliminate infestations. We’ve mentioned ants, bees, cockroaches, fleas, flies, rodents, and termites. Ledford’s can also help you prevent and eliminate beetles, centipedes, clover mites, crickets, earwigs, gnats, millipedes, moths, scorpions, silverfish, slugs, snails, sowbugs, springtails, stink bugs, ticks, and much more.

Home Pest Inspection Termites

Termite Control Services for Your Home

Termites are of great concern to homeowners throughout Charleston, Columbia, Florence, and the neighboring communities because they result in billions in damages each year. The average homeowner who discovers a termite infestation will pay thousands, on average, out of pocket to repair the damage, and the costs can often be much greater than that. Ledford’s recommends an annual termite home pest inspection and treatment as needed, and we also offer termite warranties that provide you with even greater peace of mind.

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Commercial Pest Control Services

Ledford’s also offers a full range of commercial pest control services, and as we do with homes, we customize those services to the business, its industry, and its location. The clients who rely on our individualized pest control services for business include restaurants, hotels, apartment complexes, office buildings, grocery stores, veterinarian offices, medical offices, libraries, and more.

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Rely on Ledford’s to keep your home pest free year-round. We’re an established and trusted company that welcomes the opportunity to earn you as our next loyal customer. Call us today at or contact us online to schedule a home pest inspection or with any questions about the services we offer and the products we use.

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