Organic Pest Control

Natural, Green, & Low Risk Solutions

At Ledford’s Pest Control, we work to be an environmentally friendly company. We understand many of our residential and commercial customers are looking for organic solutions to their pest problems. That’s why we offer organic pest control and termite control services that utilize natural ingredients.

Organic Pest Control

Prevention & Treatment

Pests are the last thing you want roaming around your home or office. Not only are pests bothersome, but they can spread germs and bacteria, consume your plants, infiltrate your food, and more.

At Ledford’s, our Charleston Tri-County company can help you avoid a pest problem in a natural, green way. We know what affects things like ants, roaches, beetles, wasps, and more. That means we can create a customized organic pest control plan for your property. Our solutions work best for prevention, but they can also be used to treat minor pest issues. Let our experts evaluate your situation and suggest the right solution for you.

Trusted for Years

Our pest control company has been providing the best in pest services since 1975. Our technicians are experienced, skilled, and friendly – we know pest troubles are frustrating and we’re here to help. We use the best products in the industry and can have your home or business treated quickly so you can relax faster.

If you’re interested in our organic pest control services, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ll get you on the schedule quickly so we can inspect your home or office and get started right away.

Protect Your Home or Business with Preventative Pest Control Services

Pest Guide

Use our pest guide to learn about some of the most common household pests. Click on a pest to learn more.

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