Organic Pest Control

Protecting Your Family & Pets

At Ledford’s Pest Control, we work to be an environmentally friendly company. We understand many of our residential and commercial customers are looking for organic solutions to their pest problems. That’s why we offer organic pest control services that utilize natural ingredients.

Organic Pest Control

Organic Pest Control Prevention & Treatment

Pests are the last thing you want roaming around your home or business. Not only are they bothersome, but they can spread germs and bacteria, consume your plants, infiltrate your food, and more. At Ledford’s, our family-owned and operated company serving Charleston, Columbia, and the surrounding areas can help you avoid a pest problem in a natural, green way.

We know what products affect things like ants, cockroaches, beetles, wasps, and more. That means we can create a customized organic pest control plan for your property. Our solutions work best for prevention, but they can also be used to treat minor pest issues. Let our experts evaluate your situation and suggest the right solution for you.

What Is Integrated Pest Management?

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) techniques utilize the latest innovations in pest control science to deliver more personalized, precise treatments than the typical “hose-and-go” extermination process. IPM expands on traditional models of pest control by focusing heavily on client education and routine inspections. This increases its efficacy through greater preventative measures. As the client, you can learn how to easily identify and eliminate any risks on your property. Through routine personal and professional inspections, your home or business can become impervious to any bugs or rodents that would otherwise take up residence there.

Whether it’s through mechanical or pesticide traps, filling holes, or patching cracks, preventative organic pest control measures help clients and companies improve the efficacy of any extermination treatments. Additionally, IPM carefully selects every organic pest control process used in a treatment. These products are safer for people, animals, and the environment, minimizing risk while improving protection.

At Ledford’s, we do still use traditional pest control products in some circumstances. However, we’re passionate about protecting our community and planet. That’s why we offer a wide assortment of alternative and non-toxic products for organic pest control treatment. In addition to natural and organic pest control, we also have specific products scientifically designed to be more effective, biodegradable, and, in most cases, less toxic than traditional products.

The IPM application process finds the root source of pests on a property and ensures that areas where pests feed and nest are equally treated. By targeting specific areas, our technicians eliminate the need for broader, more toxic pest control and only utilize chemicals where they are likely to be the most effective.

Why Choose Ledford’s?

Our organic pest control solutions are the most natural in South Carolina. We are also proud parents and pet owners, so we understand the importance of having effective solutions that prioritize health and safety for everyone. Our goal is to maintain the integrity and efficacy Ledford’s has come to be known for while reducing exposure to any harmful pesticides. We encourage everyone to move toward a more sustainable, environmentally-conscious approach toward pest control no matter where they live or work.

Locations like schools, daycares, hospitals, medical practices, restaurants, and bars can all benefit from improving their protection through organic pest control. Ledford’s specializes in Integrated Pest Management, and we are always more than delighted to help a homeowner or business leaders learn how they can make smarter, safer choices about pest control. Please contact us today to schedule a consultation with one of our organic pest control experts.

Residential Pest Control

Ledford’s provides fast, friendly, and thorough pest control services throughout residential communities in South Carolina. We want to help families take care of every member of the household, including their four-legged friends. We also believe that protecting your home organically means thinking about the environment. This means protecting the grass kids and pets play in, and ensuring no chemicals contaminate plant life or gardens. In addition to emergency services, we also offer personalized IPM solutions that can protect your home from seasonal pests as well.

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Commercial Pest Control

Ledford’s services a wide array of industries by offering cutting-edge, swift pest elimination and ongoing management solutions. The last thing you need as a business is to have guests exposed to pests or harmed by any pesticides or solutions. You can also improve your workplace and make it safer for employees by integrating organic products into your pest control strategy.

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Types of Pests We Exterminate

Ledford’s are experts in the industry, and we know how to identify, exterminate and prevent hundreds of types of pests. Our technicians are leading specialists when it comes to crafting targeted pest control solutions for the most common pests in South Carolina.


Commercial Ant Control
Ants are drawn to any type of food, making them common in home kitchens and throughout the restaurant industry. In addition to eliminating ants from your home, garden, or business, we can also teach you how to safely dispose of waste and eliminate any food sources that attract these bugs in the first place.


Commercial Spider Control
Spiders are common throughout South Carolina, and they may take up residence in a building if they have adequate food or shelter. Because they can also cause painful bites and lay thousands of eggs in a month, eliminating them ASAP is crucial to your comfort and safety.


Commercial Cockroach Control
One of the most dreaded pests you can encounter is the cockroach. These durable, persistent pests will quickly invade a home or building when they find food. Killing a few roaches on your own will not stop more from coming, so thorough extermination and preventative measures are a must.

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Commercial Services
You can read more about other kinds of pests we eliminate in our Pest Guide. From small insects to burrowing rodents and more, Ledford’s is here to help keep your property free of annoying and potentially damaging pests.

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If you have pests or want to improve your current plan, Ledford’s Pest Control experts are always here to help. We are happy to work with you to develop a personalized solution for your home or business. As we move toward more sustainable, healthier pest control, we hope that we can help you become more eco-conscious as well. Our certified, state-licensed technicians are always available to help you stop infestations in their tracks and build long-lasting, organic pest control treatment plans that suit your schedule and property.

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Trusted Organic Pest Control Solutions Since 1975

Our company has been providing the best in organic pest control services since 1975. Our technicians are experienced, skilled, and friendly – we know pest troubles are frustrating and we’re here to help. We use the best products in the industry and can treat your home or business quickly so you can get back to enjoying your peace of mind. If you’re interested in our organic pest control solutions, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ll get you on the schedule quickly so we can inspect your home or business and eliminate your infestation promptly.

Protect Your Home or Business with Preventative Pest Control Services

Pest Guide

Use our pest guide to learn about some of the most common household pests. Click on a pest to learn more.

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