Pest Control In the Winter

Pest Control in Winter

Many homeowners think that pests go away during colder temperatures and that winter pest control is unnecessary. This is typically not the case, particularly in South Carolina where the winters tend to be mild. That means that you may have pest activity that can lead to a pest infestation even in winter. Winter pest control is also necessary as a preventative measure. While some pests migrate, others will burrow, hibernate, or go through a phase of their adapted lifecycles, and having your property treated now can make a significant difference as the weather begins to warm back up.

Prevent Pest Migration Into Your Home

As temperatures drop, pests may migrate, but that doesn’t mean that they’ll necessarily migrate far. Many pests will just look for somewhere warmer to nest, and that someplace could likely be your home. The key to ensuring that they go somewhere else is to identify your home’s access points and close them off. When you schedule our winter pest control services, we’ll not only treat the area around your home but also point out the access points that you may have missed or not considered.

Pest Control Winterization

Winterize Your Home

When it comes to winter pest control, winterization is the process through which you identify and close off those access points. Access points can include your roof, gutters, cracks in your foundation, and any degraded door or window weatherstripping. Even something as simple as caulking the panels on your garage door can make a big difference in keeping pests out. It’s also a good idea to clean the roof and gutters and to have your pipes checked and reinsulated as needed. You should also keep your yard as free of debris and clutter as possible. That includes children’s pools and toys that can collect water, and if isn’t possible, at least maintain a perimeter around your foundation of at least several feet or more.

Common Winter Pest Infestations

Mice and other rodents are a bigger problem in winter because they’re seeking warmth. Cockroaches are less active in winter due to diapause but are not inactive and may also seek out your home due to the warmth. Spiders, ants, and wasps may all find your home for similar reasons. Silverfish are abundant in winter as they search for moisture, and while termites are more inactive during colder temperatures, they may seek warmth as well and accumulate near your home.

Why Choose the Experts at Ledford’s?

Our winter pest control treatments in South Carolina are the most natural. We are also proud parents and pet owners, so we appreciate the necessity of having effective solutions that prioritize everyone’s health and safety. Our goal is to maintain the integrity and efficacy for which Ledford’s has become known while reducing exposure to any potentially harmful pesticides. We encourage everyone, regardless of where they live or work, to take a more sustainable, ecologically sensitive approach to pest control. Ledford’s specializes in Integrated Pest Management, and we are always happy to teach homeowners and business owners how to make wiser, safer pest management decisions. Please contact us today to schedule a consultation with one of our organic pest control experts.

Organic Pest Control

Seasonal Pest Control

Ledford’s offers seasonal pest control plans through which we’ll ensure that your home or business gets the protection it needs for that particular time of year. We have more than 50 years of experience helping residential and commercial clients in this region keep their properties pest-free in all seasons.

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No matter the season, Ledford’s Pest Control experts are always available to assist. We will be delighted to work with you to provide a personalized winter solution for your house or company. As we strive toward more sustainable, healthier pest treatment, we wish to assist you in being more environmentally conscious as well. Our professional, state-licensed specialists are always ready to assist you in stopping infestations and developing long-term, organic pest control treatment plans that work with your schedule and property.

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If you want to keep your home or business free of pests this winter, choose Ledford’s and our winter pest control services. Call us today at or contact us online to schedule an appointment or for additional information about the services we offer and the products we use.

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