Preventive Pest Control Plan

Preventive Pest Control
When it comes to pest control, prevention is just as important as elimination. Preventive pest control ensures that your home or business is thoroughly protected from insects and rodents. At Ledford’s, we offer convenient quarterly pest control maintenance plans which will take the stress and guesswork out of keeping your home or business pest free.

Effective and Reliable Preventive Pest Control

Ledford’s has helped residents and business owners throughout Charleston, Columbia and Florence shield their homes and businesses from pests for over 30 years with our quarterly preventative pest control services. Our experts will visit your home or business each season in order to identify risk factors and complete routine pest management services.

Our technicians utilize top-of-the-line technology and products to ensure that the source of any infestation is eliminated and that any possible entry points and risk factors are addressed. Prevention also includes education; we always provide our clients with the information they need to keep their properties pest-free.

Monthly Maintenance for Businesses

Certain establishments are at a greater risk of attracting pests, so we offer monthly routine maintenance services to ensure your property is always sanitary and pest-free. Some of the commercial properties we often service include:

  • Restaurants
  • Bars
  • Cafes
  • Veterinarian Offices
  • Doctor’s & Dental Offices
  • Attorney’s Offices

Seasonal Pest Control

South Carolina’s warm climate causes a variety of insects to remain active year-round such as cockroaches and spiders. Many bugs and rodents use the winter months to migrate indoors. At Ledford’s, we offer seasonal pest control services for the following:

  • Fleas: Active during the spring and summer
  • Mosquitos: Active from the end of spring until early fall
  • Carpenter Bees: Active throughout spring and summer
  • Termites: Active all year but require only annual maintenance

Request an appointment from the South Carolina pest control pros at Ledford’s today. We can help you solve all of your pest-related problems and keep your home or business pest-free with our quarterly or monthly maintenance plans.

Protect Your Home or Business with Preventative Pest Control Services

Pest Guide

Use our pest guide to learn about some of the most common household pests. Click on a pest to learn more.

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