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Even though Asian cockroaches originated in Southeast Asia, their presence has spread and they can now be found all over the world. In the U.S., they’re most commonly found in southeastern areas and they’re much smaller than American cockroaches, ranging from .5 to .6 inches in length. Though they’re smaller, they have many of the same habits.


Asian cockroaches are tan or light brown and feed primarily on flowers, plants, and shrubbery, but they can also feed on food scraps and crumbs. However, when compared to American and German cockroaches, Asian cockroaches are the least likely to appear in your home. Instead, you’ll likely find them in the grass, under mulch, among leaves, and in shaded areas near trees.

Asian cockroaches have wings and use them much more than any other common species of cockroach. They actively fly around during the day and up until dusk but once the sun sets, they’ll likely be on the ground in dark areas.

Detection and Control

Because Asian cockroaches are such strong fliers, they’re more difficult to control than other cockroach species. However, you can often find them flying during the day, which makes them easier to detect in your home. If you think a cockroach is present, you’ll likely find it flying around a lampshade, on your television screen, or near a bright window.

These cockroaches usually enter homes through open windows and doors, which makes traditional pest sprays nearly ineffective. Therefore, if you do find an Asian cockroach infestation that you can’t get rid of on your own, we urge you to call our experts. We have specific methods that can be used to eliminate your problem.

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