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You may be surprised to find that fire ants are one of the smallest ants around – they’re less than 1/5 inch (or around 5 millimeters) big. Although, as their name suggests, these ants are bright red or dark red in color and are fairly easy to spot because they’re found in large groups. It’s important to call our pest control experts if you find you have a fire ant infestation so we can get rid of it for you as quickly as possible.


Fire ants love building their homes underground and often times, these nests can appear as mounds in your yard. Most mounds are around 18-20 centimeters high, but large colonies of up to 250,000 workers can mean mounds as tall as 18 inches. While underground homes are their most popular, these ants can also build homes in rotting logs or around trees.


These ants are omnivorous, meaning they’ll eat both plant and vegetable sources. Fire ants feed on things like insects, earth worms, honeydew, ticks, nectarines, potatoes, spiders, and much more.

One of the things fire ants are known for is their ability to bite humans. Often times, this happens when you disrupt their homes and you’ll find a swarm of fire ants crawling up you and biting you. Their bites feel like uncomfortable stings and in some cases, can cause allergic reactions. If you experience sweating, nausea, or excessive itching after being bit by a fire ant, seek medical attention.


Fire ants aren’t often a home-invading pest, but if you do find them inside your home, it may be because their home is nearby. The best way to prevent a fire ant infestation is to apply a treatment to your property. If you believe you have an influx of fire ants, don’t hesitate to call our experts. We’ll inspect your area and suggest the most effective method for elimination.

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