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Pest Guide for Gnats

Gnats often seem to come out of nowhere and can be tough to get rid of. These pests tend to be found in homes during moist, humid months and sport wings that let them flutter around looking for food. Whether you find them in swarms outside or find them flying around your home, gnats can be pesky and we want to help you get rid of them.

Feeding and Reproduction

There are several types of gnats and each type has a different preference of food source. Some gnats live off of ripened, rotten, or decaying fruits and vegetables while other gnats live off of organic materials and bacteria found in drains and sewers. Some gnats even prefer the overwatered soil or dying plants. Most gnats are attracted to bright colors and strong scents or odors, which means you’ll likely find the majority of them in well-lit areas that have a strong smell (including some perfumes and soaps).

Female gnats can lay anywhere from 150 to 300 eggs each day, which means it’s nearly impossible to keep up with gnat elimination as they’re being reproduced. In addition, these eggs are nearly invisible and are typically laid in moist environments like drains, wet soil, or near standing water.

Getting Rid of Them

There are many different do-it-yourself methods to getting rid of gnats and if your infestation is small, you can usually control it in a few days. One suggestion we have is to leave a small cup of apple cider vinegar out; because gnats are attracted to strong smells, they’ll often inspect the vinegar and get trapped in it. If your gnats are coming from the sink, you can pour a cleaning solution down the drain in order to flush out any eggs or larvae. Some sticky “fly paper” traps can also be effective.

If your infestation has gotten out of hand, don’t hesitate to call our pest control locations. We’ll help identify the source of your gnat problem and get rid of it quickly.


In order to prevent gnats from invading your home or office, make sure you keep your kitchen and bathroom drains unclogged and eliminate any standing water in your home or on your property. Also make sure to keep the lids tightly closed on your garbage cans and clean any dirty dishes in your sink. If you have a garbage disposal, be sure to run it on a regular basis and flush it with water. And if you have house plants, don’t overwater them.

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