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While mice may seem harmless, they can actually carry a variety of diseases and cause damage to your structure. The most common time to find mice in your home or office is during the colder months when they look for warm shelter, but mice can find their way into your building any time of year. Here, we share more about this common pest:

Features & Diet

Mice can be anywhere from 2 to 4 ½ inches large (not including their tails) and have round bodies, pointed noses, large ears, and long, often hairless tails. They come in a variety of colors including white, gray, tan, brown, and any combination of those colors. Some of the most common types of mice are the deer mouse, dormouse, house mouse, field mouse, and wood mouse.

When you think of mice, you probably think of cheese, however, cheese isn’t a mouse’s favorite food. Instead, they love to feed on fruits, seeds, and grains, but some will eat just about anything they can find.


Mice are resilient rodents and can be found in nearly every type of terrain around the world. They can easily survive in forests, grasslands, deserts, and more, making them a common pest in many different countries.

Mice are nocturnal, so you won’t likely see them in your home or office during the day. Instead, you may hear them scurrying around at night while they look for food. Because they favor the dark, they’re likely to build their nests underneath appliances, behind furniture, in walls, and in other dark corners of your home.

Signs of Infestation & Prevention

Because mice are so secretive, it can be tough to detect whether or not you have an infestation. Here are some things to look for:

  • Droppings
  • Bite/gnaw marks
  • A stale smell
  • Nests made of shredded paper, fabric, or dried plant matter
  • Unusual pet behavior
  • Chewed holes

Another way to tell if you have mice is by placing a thin layer of flour or baby powder in the area you believe is infested. If the mice are active, you’ll find their trails in the powder.

To prevent mice from calling your home or office their own, here are some precautions to take:

  • Get rid of any trash or organic waste piles you may have in your yard. (These are perfect places for mice to feed and nest – and eventually make it into your home).
  • Keep your kitchen and pantry clean. Crumbs and spilled food are an easy invitation for rodents.
  • Seal any openings you have in your vents, utilities, foundation, walls, and more.
  • Frequently clean behind any large pieces of furniture and in dark areas.

While you can use mouse traps to capture your intruders, sometimes a mouse infestation gets out of hand and requires professional assistance. If you believe you have a problem, call our pest control company today.

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