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Pest Guide for Slugs

Slugs are common household pests that love to feast on gardens and lawns. Their presence can cause significant damage, and they are difficult to get rid of without proper treatment. There are plenty of DIY slug pest control strategies that homeowners use to try to rid their yard of slugs, but they are often frustrated to wake up and find that more slug slime and damage has appeared overnight.

Many land slug species are common throughout North America. Slugs belong to the same family as snails, though they are born without a shell. Garden slugs, brown slugs, greenhouse slugs and spotted slugs are some of the most common types found in South Carolina.

Slug Pest Control Services

Ledford’s offers pest control services for dozens of different pests and rodents. To target a slug problem, we will take a close look at your property to locate any potential food sources that could be attracting the pests.

Although they are actually not insects, slugs still present a major problem, especially during the rainy season. Many home and business owners find that autumn is a prime time for them to appear as the yard fills with dying plants and leaves.


Slugs come in a variety of sizes and colors, but they all boast the same general characteristics. Their long bodies are typically black, brown or have a yellow hue. They have two prominent tentacles or “feelers” on the top of their head. One tentacle contains the eyes while the other is responsible for smell.

Slugs are nocturnal, feasting during the night and spending the majority of the day resting in dark, damp areas like flowerpots and under porches.

Diet and Habitat

Slugs eat organic materials, mostly plants. The majority only eat grass, shrubs and flowers, but some eat other slugs and insects as well. They are also heavily drawn to rotting plants, so any type of decaying matter on your property could be a major draw for them.

They like to live anywhere that is damp and humid; flower pots, containers, under rocks, heavy shrubs and anywhere else that moisture accumulates.

How to Get Rid of Slugs with Ledford’s Slug Pest Control Services

Removing dead plants and leaves from your yard is the first line of defense against eliminating slugs. However, if you currently have an infestation or notice slugs still appearing in your yard or home after cleaning it up, Ledford’s Pest Control can help.

Our professional slug pest control treatments will be able to eliminate the infestation taking place at your property. It’ll also help prevent a slug infestation in the future. Request an appointment today for more information.

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