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Pest Guide for Snails

Snails are some of the oldest animals in the world with some fossils dating back to over 500 million years ago. There are thousands of types of snails in the world, but only a few are commonly found in South Carolina. If you’ve discovered snails in your garden, lawn or even your home, look no further than Ledford’s for professional snail pest control services.

Types of Snail Pest Control

Snails can cause serious damage to gardens and lawns. They love to feast off living plants, and they will ultimately destroy garden beds that have heavy flowering plants or foliage. Snail pest control services begin by removing any hiding places, such as thick shrubbery, logs and leaves, then applying snail bait or traps. Not only is immediate elimination considered, but we also make sure that we install preventative measures that will keep the snails from returning.


Snails are small, slug-like creatures with a hard shell and two tentacle feelers on their head. The tentacles help them see, smell and taste their environment. Garden snails are the most common type of pest in South Carolina, which have a brown shell and gray body.


Nocturnal by nature, snails spend most of their days hiding in dark, damp places. At night, they emerge to eat grass, decaying organic matter like soggy leaves and flowering plants. You’ll most likely find snails in densely covered areas such as vegetable gardens, plant beds, piles of leaves and areas with heavy weeds.


Snails feast on plants and decaying plant matter. Their mouths contain a radula, a toothed, ribbon-like structure that helps break down food for digestion. The unique anatomy of their tongues causes them to leave distinct holes in the leaves and fruits that they feast on. They’re fond of many garden fruits and vegetables, including strawberries, tomatoes and lettuce.

Get Rid of Snails for Good with Snail Pest Control Services

At Ledford’s, we offer both chemical and natural snail pest control services. Whether you’ve found the source of the snails already or just suspect a problem, request an appointment today! We’ll gladly perform a thorough inspection of your property and get to the bottom of any pest problem you may have.

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