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Pest Guide for Sowbugs

Sowbugs, also known as woodlouse or Pill bugs, are actually not bugs at all. They are land-based creatures and crustaceans, similar to the “roly-poly” bug. These small pests aren’t high maintenance, which means they can make just about anywhere their home. Although they do not post any risk to humans or cause any damage, their presence is still unwelcomed. Ledford’s sowbugs pest control can rid your property of any unwanted invaders and provide personalized preventative suggestions to ensure they never return.

Signs of Sowbugs

Sowbugs (Pill bugs) are most active at night. You might find them crawling around the yard, on the sidewalk or across pavement. They have dark bodies that range in color from black to gray and measure under one inch long. Sowbugs are distinguishable by their oval, segmented bodies and curved antennae that resemble small horns.

Aside from visibly catching sowbugs in action, there are no other indicators of their presence. Because they live off decaying organic matter like plants, sowbugs are mostly drawn to flowerbeds, crawl spaces and dark, damp places. They may lurk in outdoor trash cans or hide under logs and rocks.

Elimination and Prevention

If you have sowbugs (Pill bugs) in your house, our specialists can inspect your exterior to identify any entry points. They will also provide recommendations on how you can divert the bugs away from your home, including making improvements to your gutters and repairing any leaky faucets or pipes.

You can also help protect your property against sowbugs by keeping your yard clean, ensuring there are no exposed holes or cracks in your exterior. Indoor humidity, especially in basements, should be lowered to avoid attracting sowbugs and other pests. Finding any openings and removing debris can reduce the likelihood of any insects being drawn into your home. Insecticides can be used to exterminate any infestations.

South Carolina Sowbugs Pest Control Services

For professional help getting rid of sowbugs in your home or business, contact one of our Charleston, Columbia, and Florence, South Carolina, locations. You can also request an appointment directly from our site. Reach out to us whenever you need assistance and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you have and walk you through the next steps of making your property pest-free.

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