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Pest Guide for Springtails

Though springtails are often referred to as insects, they’re technically not. Instead, these pests are part of a group called hexapods. They sport soft bodies, very small eyes, and can come in colors that include white, brown, gray, black, or yellow.


Springtails grown to be only about ¼ inch long and have six or fewer abdominal segments that make the insect look like a strange cross between an ant and a wasp. These pests have a tail-like appendage that is folded beneath their bodies and used for jumping when they feel threatened (which is how they got their name). Springtails can jump up over 10 centimeters and can actually reduce their body size by as much as 30 percent if living in a climate with higher temperatures.

Living Areas and Habits

Springtails love moisture, so they can be found nearly everywhere in the world. They love a habitat in damp soil and will eat mold or fungus, but they may also eat plant material, pollen, and even some animal remains. Because of their consumption of fungi, they actually help control many fungal plant diseases.

Some of the most common places these pests like to hang out are in flowerbeds, under paving stones, in potted plants, under logs, and in woodpiles.

Infestations and Prevention

Though springtails have everything they need to survive outside, they sometimes make their way into homes when in search of a wetter environment. If you have springtails in your home, you’ll likely find them in areas with moisture, such as the kitchen, bathroom, garage, or basement. They have also been found inside a wall where a pipe is leaking and in furniture that has become wet and mildewed.

In order to prevent springtails from calling your home their own, it’s important to eliminate dampness. By eliminating dampness to begin with, you prevent an inviting environment for the pests. If they’re already in your home, reduce the dampness and their numbers will being to shrink significantly.

If you find you have a springtail problem, don’t hesitate to contact our pest control experts as soon as possible. We’ll help you take care of it.

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