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Types of Wasps

Wasps are a wide group of insects with thousands of different species all over the world; some of the most popular wasps in South Carolina are hornets and yellow jackets. While some wasps can get as big as 2 inches in length (like the Asian giant hornet) and as small as .14 mm (like the chalcid wasp), most are around ¾ of an inch.

Many wasps are solitary wasps that live and breed independently, however, there are some that are social and live together in colonies. These wasps tend to build their nests in hollow trees, from branches, in soil cavities, or in otherwise sheltered areas like underneath porches, in attics, under roof eaves, and more.


Wasps are a beneficial part of horticulture because they feed on a variety of pests that would otherwise decimate fruit and vegetable crops. This makes them a welcome sight to many gardeners and farmers. If you discover a nest of wasps, we at Ledford’s suggest leaving it alone and letting the wasps rid the area of other pests.

However, if you have a large wasp infestation or have wasps in an area frequented by people or pets, give our pest experts a call. We’ll inspect the area and if there’s a presence that needs to be eliminated, we’ll take care of it quickly.


Because most wasps feed on other insects, there’s not much you can do to prevent them from nesting near your home or office. For the few species that also feed on meats and sugary foods, make sure to keep your garbage cans clean and the lids securely on them. Also, don’t leave fallen fruit lying around in your yard, as it can attract them.

As a general precaution, you can spray areas that may be attractive to nesting wasps with a wasp repellent; spray thoroughly and on regular basis to deter the insects. If you do see wasps, avoid swatting them or pushing them away, as it could anger them. Also avoid wearing bright colors and heavy perfumes, as both could be an attraction for wasps.

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