Pest Prevention

Keep Your Home Free of Unwanted Pests

When it comes to pests, you want to avoid them from entering your home at all costs. Once pests set up their home inside of yours, it is nearly impossible to get rid of them on your own. Pest prevention is of the utmost importance, and Ledford’s would like to give you some tips and tricks.

Preventive Pest Control

Pay Attention to Entry Points

A big thing you should consider if you want to keep pests from entering your home is how they enter. Pests can enter your home in a variety of ways including your garage, basement, and cracks. Keep tree limbs and shrubs should be trimmed away from the home because various can use them to access your attic. Trash cans can attract wasps, ants and other pests. You’ll want to keep your trash cans at least 10 feet away from your home.

At times, pests will enter your home through your garage. It’s a good idea to keep your garage closed when you are not in it, but you need to consider whether your garage door closes securely. Mice and other rodents can access your home in this way, but they can also enter your home through holes and cracks as well.

You’ll also want to caulk areas in your home that can allow pests to enter through cracks. To do this, you’ll need to thoroughly inspect your home. Look around your windows, floors, around the kitchen and around the bathrooms. Any sort of crack can allow termites, cockroaches, ants and other pests to enter your home. Preventative pest control starts with your home’s entry points, so take care of those first.

Clear out Clutter in Your Home

The more clutter you have in your home the more likely you are to have pests set up residence. Silverfish and other pests love to feed on boxes and glue. It’s a good idea to go through your belongings once in a while. Move them around, and dust and vacuum all areas of your home. This “disturbance” in your home is useful for deterring pests and overall great for pest prevention.

Clean Frequently

You can attract pests without having crumbs on your counter, but it’s more likely to happen if you don’t keep things clean in the home. Keep your floors swept, vacuum and free of contaminants. Make sure to wipe down all the surfaces in your kitchen. Avoid eating in the living room and other parts of the home to confine spills. Do not leave dirty dishes in the sink overnight.

Avoid storing cereal and other grains in their original packaging. Use containers that can be closed securely to store all of your food in your fridge and other areas of your kitchen. This will prevent ants, beetles and other pests from invading your food.

Too Late for Pest Prevention?

If you have pests right now, you need to have them professionally removed, and that’s where Ledford’s Pest Control comes in. At-home methods for pest removal are largely ineffective because each pest is eradicated differently using various services and products. Leave the pest extermination to the experts and request an appointment immediately before things get worse. Feel free to call us if you have any additional questions about preventive pest control.

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Pest Guide

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