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Protect Your Business From Unwelcomed Visitors

Since 1975, Ledford’s has been an expert in pest control throughout the area. We pride ourselves on providing only the most effective, cutting-edge and minimally invasive commercial pest control services in State. As specialists, we understand the unique risks and dynamics affecting every business and develop personal solutions that last.

Our high quality pest control services in State include top-of-the-line detection, risk management, extermination and preventative maintenance. We aim to stop any pest in their tracks. We can eliminate them from your property before they can disrupt operations and your customers. We’ll work with you to come up with solutions and maintain your pest control prevention to ensure your commercial property is always clean and welcoming.

Commercial Pest Control Service Area

Our Commercial Pest Control Services Are Available for a Wide Variety Of Industries

Pests can infiltrate any property, and commercial businesses stand to lose a great deal if their company is invaded by termites, bugs or rodents. In addition to extensive property damage, there can also be financial loss from damaged supplies or merchandise, health violations and negative customer impressions that can harm your reputation.

Every business is different, which is why we’ve personalized our commercial pest control services in State to cater to the specific needs and risks of major industries. Our experts are able to quickly determine what type of pests you’re dealing with, where they’re coming from and how we can get rid of them ASAP. We also provide routine pest prevention to protect your business against common seasonal pests.

Restaurant Commercial Pest Control Services


Even the cleanest restaurants can find themselves struggling with ants, cockroaches or mice. When patrons visit your establishment, you only want them to leave with a full belly and happy memory. We’ll make sure that happens with our commercial pest control services in State. We can help make sure your establishment never breaks any local health codes due to poor pest control.

Bar Commercial Pest Control Services


You simply focus on providing your customers with an enjoyable experience in your bar’s unique atmosphere; Ledford’s will tackle all the problems pests bring into the picture. Bars are no place for bugs or rodents. We will create a customized pest control plan for your establishment that keeps any and all unwanted visitors from invading even a corner of your bar.

Grocery Store Commercial Pest Control Services

Grocery Stores

Shoppers will get more than they bargained for if they enter a supermarket and find bugs in the aisles or, worse, in their products. To ensure produce and packaged foods are always protected, Ledford’s will thoroughly implement preventative controls while swiftly eliminating any lingering pests that might damage your store’s reputation.

Convenience Store Commercial Pest Control Services

Convenience Stores

We know convenience stores are staples of many neighborhoods. There’s no reason for meddlesome pests to ever jeopardize your business’s operations or reputation with your loyal customers. We can quickly and affordably address any pest problems and stop by when it’s convenient for you to perform routine preventative maintenance.

Veterinarian Commercial Pest Control Services

Veterinarian’s Offices

Dogs, cats and other animals could carry in fleas or ticks when they come in for a visit. Between animals and waste, there are many opportunities for pests to invade a vet clinic. Our commercial pest services in State include detection, elimination and routine prevention that use non-toxic products which are safe for animals and staff members.

Office Commercial Pest Control Services

Office Buildings

Any office is prone to some disruptions, but pests should never be one of them. Ledford’s commercial pest control services for office spaces include non-toxic pest control products that are both safe for people and the environment. Our solutions will respect your schedule and workflow while thoroughly eliminating any pests that threaten your employees’ comfort and health.

Other Industries We Service

While these are some of the biggest industries we service, Ledford’s provides reliable commercial pest control services to many different types of businesses and establishments in State. No matter what type of business you have, our experts can come to your property and conduct a thorough inspection before providing recommendations for any necessary exterminations as well as a personalized prevention plan.

Why Choose Ledford’s Commercial Pest Control Services?

At Ledford’s, you will feel like you’re working with a trusted friend. As a locally owned and operated business we view all of the businesses in the area as neighbors. We admire all of the businessowners and hard workers that make our community great. Giving back by keeping our local businesses pest-free is our greatest reward, and we will always work hard to provide you with the most effective solutions for your pest problems.

To ensure that you never have to worry about repeat incidents, we follow up all of our service calls with preventative care recommendations. If you choose to work with us on an ongoing basis, we can perform routine inspections and maintenance to keep your commercial property clean and up to code year-round.

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Pests We Exterminate

Our professional exterminators are trained to spot the signs of dozens of different types of pests. We know their habits, seasonal patterns and where they’re most likely to invade a property, as well as what keeps them away. Some of the pests we specialize in removing include:

Enroll in Our Preventative Pest Control Plans

Our specialized preventative pest control plans set Ledford’s apart from other commercial pest control companies in State. In addition to all the latest technology and eco-friendly products, we also provide pest control consultations and regular maintenance to businesses throughout the area. From corporate office buildings to mom-and-pop shops, all of our solutions are customized to suit your industry, property and unique risks.

Prevention is the most important aspect of pest control. Rather than just removing pests from your business, we’ll make sure they never show up in the first place. If you contact us to eliminate a pest from your business, we’ll make sure that they stay gone for good. Our plans can be scheduled to accommodate your preferences and needs, including monthly inspections and monthly preventative care for high-risk businesses like restaurants, cafés and bars.

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If you are interested in commercial pest control services in State, request a free quote today. At Ledford’s, we always work side-by-side with our clients to develop pest control solutions that are personal and effective. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any additional questions.

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