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When you think of summer, the thought of mosquitos probably isn’t too far behind. The warm temperature provides the ideal climate for these nuisance pests, and you are likely to find yourself covered in itchy bites if you stay outside without protection. Instead of relying on DIY mosquito repellants or chemical bug sprays, Ledford’s can help protect your home with personalized mosquito pest control services in Westville, SC. Request your free estimate today!

Mosquito Yard Treatments in Westville, SC

All of Ledford’s mosquito pest control treatments start with thoroughly inspecting your property. We want to identify your unique risks as well as the specific type of mosquito causing problems. Yes, there is more than one kind! All of them are a bother, but each type responds differently to certain treatments.

Once one of our qualified technicians inspects your yard, they will assemble a personalized mosquito yard treatment plan for your home. Some ways we eliminate the source of mosquitos include:

  • Building a diagram of your property to treat identified and potential invasion sites
  • Offering tips on how to keep mosquitos out of the house
  • Recommending landscaping tips to prevent mosquitoes from hiding in bushes and plants during the day

You may also decide that chemical treatments are a valuable part of your mosquito pest control plan. Some options we provide are:

  • Insecticides that stop mosquitos from resting in shrubs, trees and plants
  • Insect growth regulators that prevent mosquitoes from developing in the water
  • Microbial insecticides that kill mosquito eggs to prevent growth and eliminate their presence in water bodies

We also offer non-toxic, eco-friendly pest control solutions in Westville, SC that are safe for children and pets. We take your entire family and property into account as we craft the perfect solution for you.

Mosquito Pest Control Services

What You Need To Know About Mosquitos

You know these blood-sucking bugs leave incessant itchy bumps on your skin, but there are far more to them than meets the eye. Getting rid of mosquitoes for good can be difficult if you do not know what they look for and how they behave. For starters, you should know that there are at least 61 unique types of mosquitoes found in South Carolina alone. This is why the identification stage of our consultation is so important.

Cousins of flies and gnats, mosquitos love the water. South Carolina’s lakes, rivers and marshes are the prime breeding ground for these insects. Though they may congregate in large quantities in nature, bodies of water at home can attract them too. A pond in your backyard, bird bath and even your swimming pool can make these bugs more likely to hang around.

You don’t need a large body of water to attract mosquitos, however. Even half an inch of standing water is enough for these pests to lay 100 eggs. In a few weeks, they can produce as many as 3,000 eggs. Eliminating any water sources from your property or protecting pools, ponds and lakes are always one of the first things we do to eliminate mosquitos.

You should also know that mosquito bites aren’t only itchy when we’re bitten. In fact, there is a reason why you rarely notice a mosquito until it’s gone. When these insects bite a human or animal, their saliva produces an anesthetic, giving them an advantage as they feed. Only after our bodies begin to react to the saliva do we start itching. Usually, the mosquito has flown far off by then.

Signs You Have a Mosquito Infestation

Besides visible pests constantly flying around and landing on you, there are other signs of a mosquito problem to watch out for. Buzzing is one sign that you’ll find it difficult to ignore; the females produce this sound as they fly through the air in search of a food source.

You might also notice mosquito eggs in pet bowls, bird feeders, ponds or in potted plants. You should minimize any stagnant water on your property immediately, but there is nothing you can do about your neighbors or nature. That’s why an effective mosquito pest control plan is so important.

Ledford’s Can Provide Mosquito Barrier Treatments in Westville, SC

Since 1975, homeowners and businesses have trusted Ledford’s for all their pest control needs. We offer extermination and prevention services throughout Westville, SC, and its surrounding areas.

Residential Mosquito Pest Control

Enjoy long nights in the backyard or relaxing on the front porch without a bite in sight. Ledford’s offers residential mosquito pest control services in Westville, SC that are safe for the entire family. We will protect your pets, children and loved ones from any toxic chemicals while offering suggestions for keeping your property mosquito-free.

Commercial Mosquito Pest Control

Keep your customers comfortable all summer with the best commercial mosquito pest control services in Westville, SC. We offer non-toxic solutions that make it safe for animals and people to enjoy your business in peace. Outdoor dining in restaurants will no longer be a nightmare thanks to our solutions!

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Ledford’s has been in business for nearly 50 years, so we know exactly what it takes to make sure bugs stay away from any property. Our certified, state-licensed pest control technicians in Westville, SC are always ready to respond to your call. We are a proud family-owned business that loves serving our community year-round. Keeping your home or business as comfortable, safe and sanitary is our top priority. Please contact us today to learn more about our mosquito prevention and removal services in Westville, SC. Schedule an appointment on our website or call us at your earliest convenience with any questions!

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