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Protect Against Commercial Termite Damage

Ledford’s Pest Control is a fully licensed company serving Charleston, Columbia, Florence, and the surrounding areas in South Carolina, and our family business has helped other area businesses protect themselves from commercial termite damage for nearly 50 years. Our company is trusted and established in this region, and we provide our clients with information, guidance, treatments, and other preventative measures that are personalized to their particular organizations. That includes offering specialized services for restaurants, medical offices, groceries, funeral homes, and so forth.

Commercial Termite Damage

Why Trust Ledford’s?

We are a family-owned and -operated local business that opened our doors in 1975. Since day one, we have emphasized customer service and care in all that we do, and that approach is reflected in the many positive reviews we’ve received from our commercial customers online. A large percentage of our termite technicians are licensed by the State of South Carolina, and all receive an ongoing education that encompasses the latest techniques and equipment, the chemicals available and their applications, and the latest federal, state, and local regulations regarding pest control.

Our Termite Control Services

A termite infestation can lead to substantial commercial termite damage. That includes damage to commercial buildings but also financial damages resulting from disruptions to your operations. We advise that you schedule an inspection with us at the earliest sign of potential termite activity but that you also schedule an annual inspection as a preventative measure. Often, termites have already caused extensive damage before they are discovered, which is why early detection is so important. While termites eating wood is common knowledge, what many don’t realize is that they will eat any cellulose-based material, and it’s important to consider that fact within the context of your business.

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Signs You’re Experiencing Commercial Termite Damage

There may be direct evidence of the termites themselves, such as discarded wings, which indicate that there is now potentially an active working termite colony growing near that area. You may also notice mud tubes, which termites build so that they have a dry environment and are protected from predators as they travel back and forth between their nests and food sources. Other indications of a termite infestation can be trickier since they may seem like normal wear and tear. A window or door that has recently become stuck or more difficult to open or close may suggest termites as these insects tend to accumulate in such areas due to the convenient ingress and egress. You should also not ignore unexplained pinholes, cracked or bubbling paint, wallpaper that is peeling or discolored, sunken areas of walls, and so forth.

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Types of Commercial Termite DamageDamage Caused by Termites

Termites can cause significant harm in a short period of time and are the leading cause of property damage in the U.S. If you do have an infestation, it’s crucial to get professional assistance as soon as possible in order to prevent further commercial termite damage. Wall damage is among the most common termite problems as walls are the preferred habitat for various reasons. Another common problem area is near your foundation, and damage to the sub-structure, pillars, and floor joists can be considerable. Other problem areas include any spaces abundant in cellulose-based materials, including documents and carpets.

Termites in South Carolina

South Carolina termites are very destructive and not limited to a single type. The commercial termite damage you may experience depends on the type of infestation. The most destructive are subterranean termites, and this is due to the sheer size of their colonies. Drywood termites are also quite common, and while their colonies are much smaller, they more easily spread from structural walls into the interior of the business. What makes the Formosan termite—also known as the super termite—challenging is that these colonies are harder to detect and can consume a foot of 2-by-4 wood in under a month. In South Carolina, termites tend to begin swarming in early spring and can continue swarming into July. Swarm activity is heightened after rainfall and in the evenings, which makes those good times to look for large groups and discarded wings.

Protecting Commercial Industries from Termite Damage

Protecting All Commercial Industries

All commercial, industrial, and retail venues can benefit from our commercial termite treatment services. We provide our services throughout Florence, Sumter, Columbia, and Charleston, and our clients range from small businesses to large corporations with many locations. Furthermore, we will personalize our services to your organization’s specific needs.

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If you’re experiencing commercial termite damage, Ledford’s can eradicate the infestation using Termidor. Termites cannot detect this treatment, which makes it very effective, and it works fast to eliminate even large colonies. As part of that service, we’ll even perform booster treatments at no additional charge to you every 7-10 years. We also offer preventative treatments and encourage all area businesses to take a proactive approach. Ledford’s personalizes those treatments based on your building’s type of construction, and we also offer warranties that can include retreatment and damage protection.

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Whether you know you have commercial termite damage, suspect that you might, or want to ensure that you never do, Ledford’s is here to help. Contact us with any questions or to schedule an appointment.

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