Residential Termite Control Services

While pest infestations like spiders and ants are a nuisance and can usually be eliminated easily, there are some pests like termites that pose a much larger threat to your home. At Ledford’s, we’ve seen the damage that termites can cause and we know it can be detrimental. That’s why we offer residential termite control services that can find and eliminate your problem quickly and effectively.

General Termite Information

Discovering evidence of termites does not necessarily mean that there is significant damage to your home or even that there is an infestation. But it does mean that you should schedule an inspection with Ledford’s as soon as possible. Discarded wings, dirt-sheltered tubes, wood that makes a hollow sound when tapped, and paint that is bubbling, cracked, or covered with mold are all potential indications of a termite problem. The termites themselves tend to be hidden from view, but they work around the clock eating wood but also any cellulose-based material, such as drywall, furniture, boxes, books, and so forth. Be mindful that termites can burrow hundreds of feet to reach their food, so pay attention to the area beyond your immediate property as well. Early detection and our termite control services can help save you a considerable amount of money as termite damage is not covered by a homeowners’ insurance policy.

Termite Damage

Whether you’re dealing with drywood termites, subterranean termites, or even Formosan termites, your home is susceptible to structural damage. Each one of these termites feeds on cellulose, which is found in both wet wood and dry wood. It can also be found in common items like cardboard, paper, cotton, and more. Once a colony of termites finds a food source of cellulose, it will continue to eat through it until it’s gone.

As termites eat, they leave behind large holes or cracks in the wood, and over time, these holes and cracks can weaken the wood and cause it to bend, sag, buckle, or even collapse. When this happens to an area of your home, it can be a serious problem and can take lots of time, effort, and money to fix.

Termite Damage

Early Prevention

Early prevention is key to avoiding a termite infestation. We recommend limiting the food sources that could attract termites. Store firewood, lumber, paper, and all other cellulose-based materials away from your foundation. You should also remove tree stumps and not allow debris to accumulate near the home. Windows and vents should have screens, and you should periodically inspect fences and decks. It is also important to control moisture. Wood siding should not come in contact with the soil. Plumbing and air conditioning that leaks should be corrected as soon as possible. Gutters should be regularly cleaned and maintained, and if you have standing water on your roof or near your foundation, you should hire the appropriate professional to install a solution that will channel that water away.

Termite Inspections

Ledford’s provides termite control services you can count on, and we recommend scheduling a professional termite inspection annually. We have licensed inspectors with decades of experience who will inspect your home thoroughly for evidence of an infestation. Our termite technician will inspect for live termites, evidence of swarmers, damaged wood, mud tubes, and frass, and if we find them, we’ll assess the problem, explain it to you, and explore the appropriate treatment options.

We are no longer offering subterranean termite coverage on crawl space houses with foam insulation on the subfloor. The foam makes it incredibly difficult to find plumbing leaks, leaks around entry doors, fireplaces, and porches. Once termites get into the foam, especially if there is moisture from a leak, the termite can do a tremendous amount of damage before they can be detected. For more information, contact our office and we can send you information regarding this type of insulation as well as from the National Pest Management Association warning against adding foam board to a foundation wall.

Preventive Pest Control

Termite Warranties

Since a homeowner’s insurance policy does not cover termite damage and the necessary termite control services, we recommend investing in a termite warranty, and there are a few options available. A popular option is our termite damage warranty. It includes annual inspection and necessary termite control services, and as long as the infestation is not found in wet wood or wood-to-ground contact, Ledford’s will retreat the areas and replace the wood damaged by the termites as per the terms of your warranty. You may also want to take advantage of our retreatment termite warranty, which covers an annual inspection and any necessary termite treatments should there be a reemergence after having your home treated. This particular warranty does not include reimbursement for damages to your property.

Residential Termite Control Services in South Carolina

Ledford’s is a family-owned and -operated company that has served this region since 1975. We have offices in Charleston and Columbia, and our termite control services are available throughout the surrounding areas. If you have any questions about our services or would like to schedule an appointment, do not hesitate to call us today or contact us online.

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