Residential Termite Treatment

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If you own a home in Charleston, Columbia, Florence, or the surrounding areas of South Carolina and need residential termite treatment as a preventative measure or to eradicate an infestation, turn to the termite prevention and extermination experts at Ledford’s Termite & Pest Control. Our company has been serving this region since 1975. We’ll come out to your home, perform a comprehensive inspection, and give you the professional advice you need to keep termites away from your home and property.

Residential Termite Treatment

Why Choose Ledford’s?

Trust Ledford’s as your local termite control experts because we’ve been helping area homeowners remain termite free for almost 50 years. We’re a licensed contractor, and all of our pest control specialists are highly experienced in termite treatments. Our team provides our customers with strong advice that makes their properties less susceptible to termite infiltration. We employ proven residential termite treatment products and methodologies that protect a home for years to come, and if you have an infestation, our experts know how to get rid of it and keep it gone.

Signs You Have a Termite InfestationDamage Termites Cause

The best way to avoid a termite problem is to schedule an annual termite inspection that will give you peace of mind and ensure that you neither have an infestation nor are prone to one. It’s also a good idea as a homeowner to keep an eye on your house and property and call us about a residential termite treatment at the first signs of trouble. May and June mark the height of termite activity in the region, but you should start looking for signs in February and keep looking until summer draws to a close. You may actually see swarmers active near your home. Discarded wings are a telltale sign, and you may notice mud tubes or frass, which is the technical term for termite droppings. You should also be mindful that termite damage can often seem like wear and tear, such as stuck windows and doors and paint or wallpaper that is discolored, bubbling, peeling, sunken in, or marked by pinholes or winding lines.

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The Damages Termites Can Cause

As mentioned earlier, the initial stages of termite damage can look a lot like the wear and tear that occurs to homes over time. It’s also important to note that termites not only eat wood but any cellulose-based material and can thus infest carpeting, old newspapers, and the like. As termite damage progresses, the structural wood in your home may weaken, and you’ll be able to hear a hollow sound when you tap on it. Termite damage can look a lot like rotten wood at times. It can also allow moisture intrusion, which leads to mold and fungal growth and makes the issues difficult to distinguish from water damage.

Termite Warranties

Homeowner insurance policies rarely extend to termite damage, which is why we offer and recommend termite warranties. A common option is a retreatment termite warranty. This protects you in the event of a reemergence as we’ll perform a subsequent residential termite treatment at no cost to you. If your home has ever had termite damage or is prone to it, you may also want to consider a damage termite warranty. This coverage pays for the remediation of wood damage and other destruction.

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We are no longer offering subterranean termite coverage on crawl space houses with foam insulation on the subfloor. The foam makes it incredibly difficult to find plumbing leaks, leaks around entry doors, fireplaces, and porches. Once termites get into the foam, especially if there is moisture from a leak, the termite can do a tremendous amount of damage before they can be detected. For more information, contact our office and we can send you information regarding this type of insulation as well as from the National Pest Management Association warning against adding foam board to a foundation wall.

Commercial Termite Treatment

Our services at Ledford’s aren’t limited to residential termite treatment. We also provide a full range of commercial pest control services and have been serving businesses and other organizations in this region for decades. Businesses often require pest control that is tailored to their specific options, and we do that for all types of companies, including restaurants, bars, retail shops, medicinal facilities, and so forth.

Rely on Ledford’s to Keep Your Home Termite Free

Ledford’s has helped many area homeowners protect their properties from a termite infestation, and we can do the same for you. Call us today at or use the form on our website to request a termite inspection or with any questions about your residential termite treatment options.

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