Termite Swarmers

Termite Swarmers

Don’t Panic When You See a Termite Swarm

Ledford’s Pest Control has helped homeowners and businesses protect themselves from termite swarmers for almost 50 years. Termite swarmers are the winged reproductive termites that are most prevalent in May and June and which can lead to a serious infestation. Swarmers, also known as alates, are attracted by windows and other light sources. If they’re found in a home or you notice their wings left behind on window sills, that may indicate an infestation. If you notice just a few around your home, then your home is likely all right, but anything more than that is cause for concern. If you suspect an issue, then we strongly encourage you to call Ledford’s at as soon as possible for an inspection.

Do Swarming Termites Mean My Property is Infested?

No, the presence of termite swarmers does not necessarily mean that there is a problem. After all, the swarmers are reproductive termites seeking a location to colonize, which they may not have found yet. It’s quite ordinary to see large waves of termite swarmers during May and June, and even finding clusters of 10-20 swarmers in your home or noticing traces does not guarantee that you have an issue. Still, if they worry you, then you can schedule an inspection in order to have that peace of mind that your home or business is safe.

Signs of a Termite Infestation

Finding clusters of hundreds of termite swarmers in your home is definitely an indication of a potential infestation. If the presence is clustered around a specific location, then that is a sign that the termites are colonizing. In this event, it is imperative to call Ledford’s right away to conduct an inspection. The sooner the better because if there is an infestation, the quicker you get to it, the easier it is to eliminate. Even outside of swarmer season, there can be indications that you have an infestation, such as damaged wood, shelter tubes, and nests.

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How to Safeguard Your Property from Termites

The best way to protect your home or business from termites and other pests is through regular inspections. You can also take steps to avoid attracting pests, such as not using outdoor lights near the entry points of the home or business. Ledford’s offers a preventative pest control plan through which we’ll inspect your home or business quarterly, identify risks, and treat to prevent or eliminate termites, carpenter bees, mosquitos, and fleas.

Identifying Types of Formosan Termites

Formosan subterranean termites were first introduced to the U.S. in 1956 and are considered among the most aggressive and devastating termite species found in our area. These insects are social creatures that have three core forms that you can identify: swarmers, workers, and soldiers.


Termite swarmers are the winged reproductive termites that initiate new colonization. They tend to be yellowish-brown and about 0.5 inches in length and have dense hair on their transparent wings.


Workers tend to be various shades of white and their sizes can vary. It’s typically not possible to identify a termite species from a worker alone, and professionals use the swarmers or soldiers instead.


Soldiers are often easily identifiable due to their heads, which are shaped like a teardrop or egg. These termites are very aggressive, can bite with their mandibles, and can exude a defensive secretion.

What to Do If You Find Termites

If you find termites, don’t panic. However, depending on how convenient their moisture source is (leaking windows, plumbing leaks, etc..) in the Low Country they can do a tremendous amount of damage in as little as a year. If you notice the presence of termites, and it is early enough, then we can treat and eradicate the colony before catastrophic damage is done to your home. You should call Ledford’s at as soon as possible. We’ll make you a priority, perform a comprehensive inspection of your home, answer all of your questions, and ensure that you understand the extermination plan and any other measures we’ll put in place to safeguard your home.

Contact Ledford’s Today if You Have a Termite Issue

Ledford’s has been a name that you can trust since 1975, and we have substantial experience in South Carolina performing termite inspections and eliminating termite colonies. If you’ve spotted some termite swarmers or are interested in our maintenance plan, call us today or contact us online.

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