Termite Warranty

Termite Warranty

Retreatment and Damage Guarantee Contracts

A termite warranty is a guarantee between a pest control company and client which warranties termite prevention treatment. At Ledford’s, we take termites seriously. We specialize in subterranean termite extermination and prevention services throughout Charleston, Columbia and Florence, South Carolina.

Most homeowner’s insurance policies don’t cover termite damage, which is why termite coverage is essential. A termite warranty covers the cost of termite treatment, and depending on the contract, damages, especially in the event of reemergence. Our termite warranties are a promise from our company to thoroughly rid your home or business of termites. Learn more about the two types of warranties we offer:

Retreatment Termite Warranty

A retreatment warranty covers an annual inspection and termite treatment. In addition, it is designed to cover the cost of termite extermination in the event of a reemergence. Unlike a damage warranty, a retreatment warranty does not cover any new damages which have occurred. Often this warranty is issued to homes or businesses which have existing damage at the time the contract is created. It’s also commonly used for buildings not up to state standards or those which have the presence of wet wood.

While damages will not be covered, you will still have the peace of mind knowing your property is free of termites and will remain that way. With the annual inspection and treatment services, Ledford’s Pest Control will help keep your property free of subterranean termites.

We are no longer offering subterranean termite coverage on crawl space houses with foam insulation on the subfloor. The foam makes it incredibly difficult to find plumbing leaks, leaks around entry doors, fireplaces, and porches. Once termites get into the foam, especially if there is moisture from a leak, the termite can do a tremendous amount of damage before they can be detected. For more information, contact our office and we can send you information regarding this type of insulation as well as from the National Pest Management Association warning against adding foam board to a foundation wall.

Damage Termite Warranty

Termites are some of the most dreaded pests because of the expensive damage they leave in their wake. While many other insects are often just a nuisance, termites can easily cause thousands of dollars of damage to homes and businesses.

Our damage warranty ensures that any wood damage sustained by a termite infestation is fixed. It includes annual treatment and inspection services, and safeguards your property. This type of termite coverage ensures that you can rely on our company to not only take care of the infestation, but also help you recover and repair losses or damages to the wood experienced as a result of subterranean termites.

Protect Your Property Today

Termite coverage is essential for home and business owners. If you suspect you have a termite problem, there’s no time to lose. Contact us today to learn more about our residential and commercial termite warranties and make sure you property is protected.

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