Subterranean Termite Treatment

subterranean-termitesSubterranean termites are the most popular type of termite in the South Carolina area and are often hard to detect. That’s because unlike drywood termites that live right in the wood they eat, subterranean termites live in the ground and build tunnels to their food. That means if your home or business is infested with termites, it may be tough to locate the source of the pests.


At Ledford’s Pest Control, we trust Termidor for our subterranean termite treatments. We apply their liquid application along the foundation walls or exterior of your building so that when termites arrive to feed, they’ll come into contact with the treatment.

Because the Termidor treatment is undetectable and virtually odor free, termites won’t try to avoid it like other insecticides. Once a termite comes into contact with the treatment, it will bind tightly to the soil as the pest moves through it, creating a “Termidor Zone.” As other termites move through the zone, they’ll also come into contact with the treatment and it will eventually spread to the entire colony.

Nisus Bora-Care

If our pest control experts don’t use Termidor, we’ll use another subterranean termite treatment from Nisus called Bora-Care. This treatment uses borate salt to treat the wood affected by termites. The application penetrates the wood and protects it from moisture and further termite damage.

In addition, termites can’t develop a resistance to Bora-Care, so once they ingest the treated wood, the wood acts as a slow poison and spreads throughout the colony until all of the termites are either eliminated or driven away to find a new food source.

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